The Incessant Insanity Of 2020 – Daily Grind

What a year it has already been, surely we are almost into 2021, and some sort of freedom from the disaster 2020 has been, right?

I can’t believe that the year, a year where I thought new horizons would be a grand design, has shat itself so terribly.

Jobs have tumbled, wealth has nose dived, and the insanity of the human design has sky-rocketed to the tenth degree.

I write about madness, and insanity, but one doesn’t expected the real world beyond our fractured minds to be reflecting those catastrophic images.

Mankind should be stronger.

Mankind should be kinder.

It is a world for one and all.

Not a world for none.



And forgive.

Let’s make 2021 a better year.

And put fiction back on the pages, and not on the streets.

For you are all so beautiful.

Now, back to your normal programmed posts…


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