Across The Skyline – Short Story

As the engine explodes in a mess of reds and blues, Lakcin feels his body melt away around him as if a powerful sedative had just been injected into his blood system. His ears pop with static, a voice screams his name then nonsensical words spin round on a loop, somehow stuck in his head. After what seems like an eternity pain fills every faucet of his being, then he collapses to the ships metallic floor. He draws breath after breath into his lungs, each burning more than the last until finally he punches desperately at his chest trying to knock it free. Static fills his ears once more followed by disembodied voices screaming his name.
“I’m through,” he says through clenched teeth.
“How do y-y-yzzzz…zzzakkkkk…zzzzou f-f-fzzzzzzzeel?”
“Like I want to throw up.”
“Where a-a-azzzzzzzz….. zzzzakkkkk… zzzzre you?”
He uneasily gets to his feet, then tumbled back to the floor, emptying the contents of his stomach onto the ground before him.
“Fucking pussy, get up and do this,” he growls viciously to himself as he forces himself back up to his feet, then staggers over towards a console. He slowly pushes several buttons as other computers come to life, followed by a holographic star chart displayed in front of him. “I’m still in the Soldizer Qudrant, except there seems to be some distortion of the area map. Computer magnify sector 237AA.” The image explodes forwards, encompassing him standing in a virtual wide rod of space. His eyes widen as he witness something large move across the emptiness, towards him.
“I found it,” he whispers softly.
“Come again Larzzzzzzzark……..zzzzaaakkkkk…. zzze can’t rezzzzzzarrrkkk……..” then silence.
“Ranger One, please repeat your last message,” he calls out then waits as silence continues to be his only reply.
“Ranger One, do you read me?” He calls out as he feels something watching him and spins around in the world of virtual space, to lock eyes with the planet sized creature as it continues to make its way toward him, slowly opening its gigantic mouth.

One thought on “Across The Skyline – Short Story

  1. This has a lot of possibilities, but I’m not sure which one you intend. Could he have translated to a different part of the galaxy or a different reality? Wherever and whatever he is, his life expectancy doesn’t seem too long.

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