Whatever Needs To Be Done – Short Story

He places the docket book down onto the bench and looks over towards her. “You know that’s impossible, don’t you?” He says as a nervous smile twitches across his face and his cheeks glow red.
“I remember you saying nothing is impossible for you when you walked into my shop six months ago. Now I see that was a lie,” she says with a pout.
He laughs, “Now your just twisting my words out of context. I said there’s nothing I can’t do to help your business become a better version of the one you have in your head, not this, this insanity you’re asking of me. You must be mad to even contemplate asking such a question.”
“Don’t treat me like one of your bimbos Jethro. I know you have ties to others who make a living out of breaking knee caps and splitting skulls. Therefore what I’m asking is nothing that is not within your vast expanse of worldly tools.”
“I can assure you that whatever ties you think I have to this supposed criminal element you believe I am in cahoots with is nothing more than some twisted fictional story inside you warped little mind. I may do many things to keep accounts, but I can assure you that what you are asking is something I have no desire to be involved with,” he says as he leaps to his feet and stares sternly down towards her.
“I-I-I, I’m sorry I ass…”
“You assumed wrong!” He yells as he slams a card down on the table before her and storms out of the room leaving her alone in silence. She places a nervous, shaking hand to her chest and takes a deep breath before picking up the plain white card. She looks up at the doorway and then back to the phone number that is printed on the card. Several minutes pass before she builds up enough courage to dial the number, that rings once before it’s answered.
“Who do you want me to take care of?” A deep voice asks.
“I-I-I, I want my ex-husband to suffer, I wa…”
“I don’t care to know your reasons. In three days you will meet me at the following location with a deposit for my services of twenty thousand dollars, failure to adhere to the rules will see your deposit forfeited. If you attempt to renege or renegotiate the arrangement you will forfeit your deposit and we will begin anew. If you attempt to screw me over, you will forfeit the deposit and your life. Do you understand?”
“Y-Y-Yes, I unde….”
“Good. Now how good is your memory?”

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