Give Me Your Wings Of Gold – Short Story

“Wayward names are but granules of sand in my face, they do not hurt nor do they injure. Yet this knife remarkably has the opposite effect, for it can whisper sweet nothings in your ear as it impales you upon it’s sharp blade,” he says with a wry smile across his face. “Fight me no more Laurence. Accept your fate and be one with me darkness.”

Laurence forces a laugh to escape his lips and wearily looks up towards him. “I accept nothing. Your wayward journey of depravity ends tonight, by my hands. I am the voice of all your victims. I am the beating hearts of their families. I am your judge, jury and executioner. So spare me your righteousness Walter, and drop the knife!” He says as he uneasily raises the revolver. Walter’s eyes widen and his teeth clamp shut, grinding into each other like finger along a blackboard.

“This is not how it ends Detective, you do not come in and save the day. I am an immortal being spared the infin….” His words are cut short as three well placed shots tear into his skull. His eyes emptily stare towards Laurence as they slowly roll up into his head and he falls forward lifeless.

“Your infinity is over, there was nothing special about you. You murdering piece of shit!” Laurence hisses as he collapses to the floor and stares up at the cobweb ridden ceiling clutching his side as he tries to stop the blood from escaping his body. Static fills the air as his two-way comes to life suddenly, causing him to jump.

“Balmer do you copy. I repeat, do you copy?” A voice cries out from the other end. He fumbles around with the radios clip before finally pulling it free, and presses it against his lips.

“I hear you,” He grimaces into the receiver.

“Thank Christ, we’ve been trying to reach you for the last hour. What’s your situation? Have you located Garner?”

“He’s not going to be bothering anyone ev…” his worlds freeze in his throat as Garner stands above him, a grin across his face from ear to ear, blood still running down his face from the bullet holes.

“BOO!” He hisses as he drives the knife’s blade downward.

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