Take The Bate – Short Story

He grips the dirt tightly, pulling handfuls of grass and weeds from their intertwined homes. The saliva drips heavily into the dirt, impacting upon the microscopic world with a ferociousness unseen. His eyes dart upwards as they lock with her and she smiles.
“Did that hurt?”
“FUCK YOU!” He screams, gritting his teeth together in anger as he forces himself onto his knees.
“Really, is that all you have to say? I’ve just fucking killed you, and you have nothing but obscenities to say!” She growls as she grips him by a handful of hair and pulls his head back, placing the blade of a large, ancient knife to his throat. “For too long have I been set back by fools like you. For too long have I been a pawn instead of a queen. For too long have I allowed this, but today I take back who I am. Today I become that which I was meant to be!” She says as she slices the blade across his throat, showering the air before him in a deep red. He gasps violently as he tries in vain to draw a breath, and then falls motionless in her hands.
“Did you really have to do that?” A voice says sharply from somewhere in the darkness behind her.
“Did it get your attention?”
“I am here, am I not?”
“Then Yes, I did have to do it,” she says with a smile.
“You could’ve called like you have every other time, have I ever ignored your call before?”
“But this way was so much fun and besides, if I had done things the normal way, you would probably seen me coming.”
“Seen you coming? I fail to understand what you mean by that?” He says as a hoofed leg steps out from the darkness.
“I mean tricking the king of lies into showing his face in a place he normally wouldn’t is a hard job, unless you allow him to concentrate on something entirely separate, such as me,” she says with a beaming smile, as he screams in pain.

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