Your Deceitful Eyes – Short Story

“You mean to tell me after all these years, you still don’t know the answer to the only real question you ever asked me?” Bethany says as she grips the doors handle tightly and stands silently waiting for him to answer.
“I-I-I, I don’t know what to believe anymore. I though I did. I-I-I thought I knew what was real and was wasn’t, but over the last few months you’ve become a different person. You’ve betrayed my trust at every chance and when I ask, when I try to reach out to you, you push me away with more lies.”
“You choose to mistrust me. You choose to take my answers as lies instead of the truth as they are intended. Open your eyes before it’s too late and you lose me forever,” she says as a tear runs down her cheek.
“I lost you a long time ago Bethany, I just never knew it.”
“Then there is nothing left for me here,” she says as her bottom lip trembles.
“Only you can decide that,” he replies as he gently grips her shoulder and squeezes, he feels her muscles tighten up beneath his grip, and quickly releases his hold as he stumbles backwards, aim coursing up how arm and into the back of his skull.
“W-W-What have YOU DONE!” He screams as he collapses to the floor in a mess of arms and legs, the very muscles he once commanded proudly over are now twisted deformed pockets of pain across his body.
She turns around slowly, a smile of wickedness now spread across her face. Her tongue flicks out from her mouth and licks over her lips quickly like a frogs tongue catching a fly, leaving a silver glistening trail of slime over them.
“I have done nothing you have not asked for. I have done nothing you have not deserved. You have chosen how this is to end. You have chosen to treat me like the enemy I am not. You have defiled all that we were, all that we had with your pathetically small limp piece of flesh between your legs. Take this time to agonise over all that you have decided, and welcome the warm forever grip of death when it comes for you, for this is what you have chosen. For this is what you welcomed into your life when you laid with a beast from a nightmare of your own making.”

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