Prime Price Paid – Short Story

The ship surges forward and Khanka tumbles backwards, crashing to the ground with a volatile thud.
“Refuse gravity drive!” He screams out as the ship takes another blow to its bow.
“I’m sorry captain, current that command cannot be successfully carried out. When we took the second blow from the Gerdel’fer’s starship our gravity drive was damaged as reported. With the subsequent attacks we have lost all control of all the ships simplistic controls. With all that being said, the ships shield complicity is now below 15 percent, if we take another hit there will no longer be a ship to defend,” a computerized voice announces.
“Frak me one in the back passage then!” Khanka yells out as he pulls himself towards the console. “What’s my options?”
“You should’ve joined the crew when they utilised the escape pods.”
“Had I don’t that everyone would’ve been slaughtered. The only reason the Gerdel’fer’s allowed their escape was because I stayed aboard.”
“I am not questioning your choices sir. I was giving you an option. Which at this point, would be the only option I have to suggest.”
He grits his teeth and closes his eyes tightly. “What sort of impact would we make against that thing?”
“If we were to run into the fucking thing, that sort of impact!”
“If we were to hit their dive plate, we could cause a chain reaction that in theory would destroy it completely.”
“Do you think you can get us there in one not so perfect piece?”
“I can try, but with our shields being as they are, I cannot give you….”
“What if you reroute all the ships energy into the shield?”
“That may give us some extra time, but once aga…”
“Just do it! Throw everything we have into the shields and aim straight for its heart!”
“You will not survive this plan of attack, you understand.”
“I realise that, but I’m not going to be squatted like some franking bug either. Set her up, and wipe her out!”
Silent seconds pass before the ships display flashes, “I am sorry captain, while I understand your current plight, I am unable to complete your request.”
“I am programmed with two prime directives that cannot be overridden. The first is to uphold all commands by my captain, and he second is to never directly cause the death of any crew member. Although your request is a conflicting command, I must attempt to uphold the directives as best I can.”
“I don’t FREKEN believe this shit!”
“I am sorry sir, I wish there was something more I could do.”
“So do I,” He says as he stares out towards the darkness, as the Gerdel’fer starship fires once again.

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