A Million Balls In The Air – Short Story

The robotic hand of Demento’s gigantic robot warrior grips O’Hare tightly and squeezes, the sound of bones snapping beneath the boys grip fills the air, but is soon drowned out by O’Hare’s screams. Natasha weakly pulls herself from the ground and bears witness to O’Hare’s final moments, her eyes grow wide as his body is released and it drops to the ground in a bloody motionless heap.
“Throughout time I have soared, collecting all the pieces of your puzzle. Building a weapon that would be your downfall, but I never thought, I never allowed myself the dream. Now, as I stand over your broken lifeless body O’Hare, I still can’t accept it, I still can believe it has become what I had hoped it would,” Demento’s voice says from within the gigantic robot, then it drives a powerful foot down upon O’Hare’s body and twists it into the ground like a cigarette being stomped out.
Natasha grabs at her mouth as the contents of her stomach escapes, forcing the vomit to spay from her mouth, covering herself in the thick, gooey bile that had yet to be digested in her gut. She dry reaches, falling to her hands as knees when the robot becomes aware of her presence.
“W-W-What are you d-d-doing here? Y-Y-You should be d-dead, I mad-made sure of it!” It stammers as it takes an awkward step towards her. “No matter, there is still time to stop the transfer!” It says as it leaps high in the air and drives a fist towards her. She throws her harms in the air, in a panicked instinct to protect herself. As the fist connects with her form, a blue light erupts from O’Hare’s corpse and strikes her in the chest.
As the dust clears, Natasha slowly looks around in shock, as she sands holding Demento’s robot in the air by its fist. A million things burst through her mind as a smile slowly grows on her face.

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