Hot Property – Short Story

Sand blows across the wooden boards as if it were a hand gently caressing the cheek of its loved one. Tanner grimaces in pain as he places his bare feet onto the hot sand.
“Do we have to do it out here?” He asks, turning and twisting his face up as he attempts to miraculously block out the sun’s glorious rays of light.
“It’s the perfect place, everything that’s been asked for by the client is here already. All we’ve got to do is point and click.”
“Point and click? What about these fucking lines?” Tanner says as he holds up a handful of paper.
“Come on bro, you are a god damn pro with that shit.”
“Have you read the fucking this? I may be good, but the dialogue is going to be like polishing a turd.”
“You did it in Jack Sade Six: The Dark Revenge. Remember how shit that scrip was!”
“For god sake Franki, I fucking wrote that one!”
“I know, and that’s the only reason it even got a green light. The studio didn’t give a shit about how bad it was because you took a massive pay cut to do it. Then you turned that horse shit, the horse shit you wrote, into a box office smash that not only revitalize the series, but also set your star into the sun,” Franki says as he grasps Tanner by the shoulder and powerfully kneads it. “So my man. This trash, this machiavellian piece of shit we’ve got to somehow make work, is in your hands and you’re going to fucking blow this shit out of the water!”
Tanner looks down at the scripts pages again as runs a hand through his perfectly styled hair, before looking back up at Franki.
“I still don’t know man, normally we’ve got ninety minutes or more to fix shit that doesn’t work. But something like this, I just don’t know if we can reel it in or not. Mistakes in a movie you can iron out, in a fucking advert you’ve got no time to build anything.”

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