11 (ELEVEN) Stages Of Hell – Daily Grind

Greetings from the darkened shores of my twisted roads, it’s been sometime since we last spoke, how are you? I’m sorry I haven’t called in a while, but I promise that is going to change as we progress through February.  

If you’ve been visiting regularly over the last week (because nothing much else has been happening otherwise) you would notice something different happening (no, not different, more like something more twistedly bizarre.)

Let me formally welcome you to the 11 stages of hell.

11 twisted albums of pure drivel, each piece writes itself without shame or apology.

Each collection gives permission for the last to exist, with each piece of disturbing prose guiding you and I on a trip deep inside, with another more volatile voice daring us to go deeper the further we go.

So please, stick around  for the ride, it’s only just getting started.



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