Let’s Make It Something Special 20/20 – Daily Grind

Welcome to 20/20, the concept, not the year.

Let me help you understand that statement, with a short explanation.

Sometime ago (more than a handful of months I’m sure of now) I decided that the journey I took 4 years ago to broaden myself within the field of writing wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to be.

No wait, I don’t think I said that correctly. Maybe it was more than I expected it to be, maybe I learnt more after the year was over, than I did during it.

That’s wrong again, I think what I discovered in myself only came to the surface after the year was over and I had time to look back on the body of work and see it for what it was, madness in a bottle.

So once more I’m embarking on a similar journey, releasing something each and every day for a year, be it a twisted short story or one of my unhinged poems, although this time the idea is more defined, more rounded. As a bonus level sort of thing (and in keeping with the idea of defining and building better ideas) at the end of each month we’re going to release on Amazon, an eBook collecting all the short stories & poems that birthed themselves into the world from that month.

Now I know you’re thinking, why would I possibly pay for something that I could get for free?

Easy answer is, you don’t get it all for free. The 20/20 posts that are released on the blog each month consists of 20 twisted 50 word stories and 20 unhinged poems. The 20/20 collections we’re releasing on Amazon, consists of 20 twisted short stories (each 50 word story given a broader brush stroke) and the 20 unhinged poems, as well as a brand new cover designed especially for each collection by the very talented Yazgar (the lead story is written around the first idea that presents itself when Gaz starts building his image around the random elements I toss his way).

I know, a lot to take in, so I’ll give you a moment or two.

If you want to keep up with each new piece of the 20/20 puzzle, follow the Facebook page, bookmark the blog, and follow me on amazon. I’ll drop all the links below, as well as a link to amazon where you can purchase the first 20/20 collection that is beautifully wrapped in the below cover.

Stay crazy, stay weird, and let it all hang out for everyone to see, because no one ever had their dream just knock on their door.


Press here to purchase the first 20/20 collection

press on the above image to buy a copy of 20/20 Book One from Amazon

Journey through twenty tales of madness that share one thing, the insanity forced upon it by the hollowed moon of 2020!
Let us ponder over the birth of the next generation of smart phone. Let us see the deeds done for the pleasure of others. Let us join in on the revenge for a grade not given. Let us see these deeds and many more tales that rise from the soil filled holes that litter the darkness, as we ride along the twisted road to madness.


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