The Cost Seemed Minuscule – 50 Word Story

"The Kiba presented itself to me with an offer of survival and revenge, the price seemingly minuscule compared to the purposed glory,” he swallows and wipes the beads of sweat from his brow before leaning forward and gripping his knees tightly as he stares into the young boys hollow eyes.

Who Made Who – 50 Word Story

You made the monster who now endangers not only our existence, but the very existence of everything. We pulled you from the ice that has been your tomb because we had hoped you would see the dire situation and do the right thing for once. So don’t play the savior!"

Hot Property – 50 Word Story

“Point and click? What about these fucking lines?” Tanner says as he holds up a handful of paper. “Come on bro, you're a god damn pro with that shit.” “Have you read the fucking this? I may be good, but the dialogue is going to be like polishing a turd.”

You Don’t Know Stupid – 50 Word Story

“Shit Sophie, I’m not scared of change, I’m scared of fucking dying out there trying a stupid fucking move that will end in my death,” Jessica says through clenched teeth. “Who’s overreacting now?” “What the hell? I am not overreacting!” “Of course you are,” Sophie says with a nervous smile.

Love Sense – 50 Word Story

"A-Aren't you worried about the c-cops?" He laughs, "Why the fuck would I be worried about the cops for?" "Rodney's murder, they're bound to start investigating his disappearance at some stage." "Honey, by the time anyone gives a shit where Rodney is, we'll be a memory." "What's that supposed mean?"

The Road Knows – 50 Word Story

“It’s a long way down, I can’t tell if they’re dead or just trapped.” “Well get down there and check for god sake.” “It’s not that safe. Can’t we just call it in an...” “Get the fuck down that hill and see what sort of condition they’re in and help!"

Fantasy Or Nightmare? – 50 Word Story

“So tell me, in all your fantasies what happens?” “Fantasies is taking it a little far don’t you think?” “Doesn't it depend on what happens? If it goes wild and pleasurable then it’s fantasy, but if it’s gets dark and gory then it’s a nightmare,” she says with a smirk.