Call My Bluff – 50 Word Story

“You disappoint my curiosity greatly, for I presumed you would vow to destroy and render silent my orchestra of insanity, sacrificing not only your own inexplicably wasted life, but also the lives of those who run rings around your life planet. Yet here we are, with you quoting wasted words...."

From Thirty-Seven Down – 50 Word Story

"Thirty-thr….” He stops for a second time as he feels his daughter brush pasts him once again, he reaches out quickly trying to grab her, but is no where to be found. “If you’re not going to hide Matilda, we won’t play!” he says with a sneer upon his lips...

Read – A Plan With No Name – First Short Story From Breadcrumbs To Madness 2

The failed following of a faith was not my only sin, for the sin of self-copulation weighed heavily upon my sweaty brow... Matt Calhoon tightens his grip on the cash register and grits his rotten teeth. “IT’S MINE GOD DAMN YEE! I WAS THE ONE WHO TOOK THE ARSE WHIPPING FOR IT, AND I AIN’T …

Saliva Situation – 50 Word Story

“I-I-It’s got to dry up ev-eventually.” “Ain’t nothing gonna dry up this fella,” He says as he pokes his chest with his thumbs, then spits another wad of saliva into his hands once more and rubs them together again. “See, I could do this all night.” “I-I-I highly doubt i-i-it.”

The Failing Addiction – 50 Word Story

“Really?” He shrugs his shoulders and pulls a cigarette from the packet. “W-aw-aw-What happ-happened there?” Steven asks nervously as he points towards the blood stain that continues to grow beneath Jared’s jacket. Jared looks down at the jackets sleeve and raises his eyebrows. “It’s just a little scratch, nothing fatal...."

Painted Words – 50 Word Story

“The brightest flame burns the fastest, and sometimes the end is better conducted like this, than a farce of emotions that we are shit at dealing with,” he cringes back as he uneasily gets to his feet. “Does it hurt?” she asks. “Only constantly,” he says with a muffled laugh...

Of A Bunsen Burner – 50 Word Story

He looks away from her with a sharp twist of his head, and fights back the tears that explode from his eyes. “You knew it was happening before it was even a blip, didn’t you? You knew what we were doing, you knew the vaccine was worse than the virus?”

A Phrase Away – 50 Word Story

“Y-You jest, right?” “What the fuck is with jest? We’re not in medieval England, we’re in twenty-twenty-seven, the land where jest ain’t even a proper word anymore. How about you ask me if I’m joking or not, and see where it goes?” says Thomas coyly. Justin looks at him confused...