A Twistedly Jolly Christmas Released

Come celebrate Christmas with some dark tales, lost on the insane and twisting roads that drop us at the door of madness.


The weather outside is frightful, and the tension inside is to die for, there is only one place for the knife to go, so let the blood flow, let the blood flow, let the blood flow.
Welcome to a dark Christmas from the twisted roads as we bring you 31 new tales of madness trapped in the muddy depths of the below. Lost within the withered branches along the road we travel you’ll witness the true story of The Santoscalwes, you’ll take a seat with Santa as he explains why he still delivers presents, you’ll be invited to a poker game that has a darker agenda, you’ll witness the end of the world, you’ll find yourself trapped on an alien planet, and you’ll face off with a being as old as time.
So come join us in the insanity, that some have called a fast paced ride through a hyperactive mind while riding a merry-go-round at full speed after eating your own weight in sugar.

Available to buy in ebook format from Amazon HERE, (please make sure your geographical location is set to your country so you can purchase a copy) as well as all other ebook suppliers.

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