Let’s Make Hamburgers Interesting

Hamburgers are such interesting things, you can put all your heart into making that pattie the best pattie it can be, but if the additional condiments don’t compliment the pattie you’re going to have a problem just like the work place.

My challenge is simple.

I believe I can work a day in any retail job, relying on the skills I already have in place to help me.

So if you’re a southern Tasmanian retail business that has a position available, or you just wish to take me up on my challenge, contact me on earth2165@yahoo.com today and we’ll talk it out and arrange a day. If you’re not a retail business or you’re outside of my area, please still contact me as I might still do it, we just might need a little more forward planning.

Once a day is arranged I’ll come into your business and we’ll sit down with a camera and talk about what the job is, how you think I’ll go, and how you currently employ staff.

Then it’s the fun part, I’ll work one full day in your place of business in a way to prove that anyone willing to work, can do any job if it’s within their skill set.

At the end of the day we’ll sit down again with a camera and talk once more, and see if either of us have changed the way we see how we employ our staff.

At the end a donation can be made by the employer in lieu of payment to my go fund me page, which will help me support my family and this idea, the address is, https://www.gofundme.com/lets-change-together.

Of course if you just want to donate to my cause, it is greatly appreciated and will not only help me pay my bills, but also continue this movement.

We’ll hopefully get some footage of me working each job, but at this moment we’re going to just try and see what we can start off with.

All the videos will be posted on YouTube, Facebook and my personal webpage mtonks.com as they are completed.

We may even make a documentary out of all this one day.

Together you and I, us, we the many can make a difference.

Together we can change the world without the help of our so-called governments.

Together we can make our world the one we wished it to be when we were children.

Together we can be who we need to be, who we want to be.

Together we can be.

You can sit there and say this isn’t just about me and you, but it’s a great place to start, isn’t it?

You can go to the go fund me page here – https://www.gofundme.com/lets-change-together

Visit my website here – mtonks.com

Send an email to this address – earth2165@yahoo.com

Or drop me a message via Facebook.

So come on Tasmania, show me what you’ve got!


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