It’s Not For Everyone – Short Story

“Tangerine dreams will set me free. What does that even mean?”
“Exactly what it sounds like. You take it and nothing else matters, and when I say nothing, I mean nothing!” She replies with a huge grin on her face, her teeth yellow and rotting their way out of her head.
“I don’t know. Are you sure it’s safe?”
“Who cares if it’s safe or not? It’s the ride man, if you don’t get on, you’ll never know. So stop fucking about, are you in or not?” She says, leaning forward with excitement. He catches a short burst of a stench that wafts from her mouth and he almost empties the contents of his stomach on the floor in front of them. Her head turns to the side with confusion as she notices the blood run from his face.
“What’s wrong? You’re not chicken are you?”
“I’m not chicken!” He barks back almost instantly, losing his train of thought and concentration, as he accidentally allows some of the festering food from his stomach escape.
“Fuck Clint, that’s gross man!”
He wipes his mouth with the sleeve of his shirt. “Leave it alone,” He says as he gets to his feet. “Let’s get it over with then.”
She looks up at him and the smile on her face returns, broader this time. “That’s the way Clint, let’s rock this joint like it’s the last day we’ve got left,” she says as she excitedly leaps to her feet and plants a kiss on his lips. He empties the remained of his stomach into her mouth, and she stumbles backwards, frozen in fear.
“N-N-Nothing else matters, r-r-right?” He says with a nervous smile.

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