Daily Grind

Daily Grind – Free Books For A Limited Time!

Looking for something interesting to read?

looking to delve into the shadows of worlds you have no idea exist?

looking for some free books?

Well, what a coincidence, I have a recently been involved in an instafreebie promotion involving such books.

You can go HERE to collect a copy of Twisted Roads Volume One, I highly suggest you do this first 😉


You can go HERE to find 50 other great books involved in the promotion, that you can get for free as well, while downloading a copy of Twisted Roads Volume One 😉

The promotion only last for another few days, so don’t sit around thinking about it, press on the link and get some free books!!


DecayCardPress the image above and sign up to become a Twisted Fiend!

Why become a Fiend?

Simple, doing this makes sure you stay up to date with all the latest news as well as getting free copies of the Twisted Roads Anthology Volumes and various other releases as they become available!

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