My Mirror Self, My Shadow Fiend

Faded from view,

hidden from sight,

the bastards,

the sinners,

the devils delight,

no pitchforks,

no horns,

no cloven hoofs,

their darkness seep out,

of every pore,


mirrors of ourselves,

held towards us all,

they come in the daylight,

not at night,

for your sin has no shame,

no fear of the light,

bow down and pray,

if it makes you feel better,

but when your demon comes calling,

you’ll realise,

who it is,

that really tells lies.

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4 thoughts on “My Mirror Self, My Shadow Fiend

  1. Sins that we carry are fickle things for they are subjective. What is a sin for you may be a badge of honor for me. Though I still battle with past deeds I have long ago ceased to call them sins for to give them a name like many times results in us blaming the external world for making us do things that then haunt us when in reality it originated from within…

    As always captivating and engaging. Beyond.

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    1. It is such a subjective word isn’t it, and in a way, we are all sinners, for we have the greatest sin of all, the ability to self doubt our worth, the stuff our accomplishments away in a locker and concentrate on the things we see as our misgivings. I allow you to judge, give the sin a name, wrap it up in yourself, and let it be know, a sin, is a sin, until you let it go. Thank you so much for your words, they always make me know, this world is full of people who I am proud to call friend, and prosper from their inclusion in my world 👍

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      1. Thank you for continuously exploring the self imposed as well as societal boundaries within. It’s a thin edge we embark on yet the more we challenge ourselves to explore more the more we realize that the so called evil darkness is not as evil as we are told from young age on. In fact it is in the darkness that our true self lives. Afraid to come back for we chastised and degraded it for so long that it lives in fear of seeing the light. We all possess beauty within. Not just the soul. Not just the spirit. It’s our be. Nurturing it can lead us to enlightenment. Not just personal but also societal. So… once again thank you, dear friend. For being you. For expressing parts of you that most fear or neglect.

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      2. To only embrace the good, and ignoring the self assessed misdeeds of our existence, would be to blindly flow through life without questioning the many pieces of the puzzle, not to just ask why are we here, but to experience why we are here, because that, in its naked self is the answer, to be free of the judgment of others and oneself, to tether your purpose to that which binds you. Life is a journey, and no two journeys are alike. That’s what makes us all, so wonderfully flawed and beautiful.

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