President Of A New Reflection – Twisted Prose

fascinate the inner workings of a maniac in style over substance, pushed inside the ceramic dish not served but over strained, whiskey drinks, futile things, a harboured extension of the flaccid tool we dare not name, forged alliances that could never be, hand shakes, cold embraces, toxic waste drank without care or quandary, we owned …

Wired Windows – Twisted Prose

A disjointed fire sale, Terminal disease, Thoughtless whispers, Heralded misogynistic portfolios, Silently stagnant, A window for a face, Tread upon the stone covered moss, Forgotten salutations, Strive to be, A sea, A seed, Hollowed imaginations, A reflection not me..

A Broken Disregard – Weekend Writing Prompt Twisted Prose

worshipped from a further void, pre-loved without remorse, haggard eyes sewn shut, words spoken a moment late, languished in the ever lost, persistent against a time that is long gone, wisdom given, puzzles solved, a futile argument won by the losing side, a wisp of smoke, forgiveness forgotten, a hate seeded softly, growth, departure, rudimentary …

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