A Twisted Halloween Released

Celebrate the end of Halloween with some dark tales, lost on the insane, and twisting roads, that lead to madness.


Are you fighting against a madness that lurks in the shadows your mind, waiting to strike those you hold dear?
Are you losing the fight, as your sanity slowly dwindles away, lost to the fleeting transgressions of time and money?
Then rejoice, for the cure you’ve desperately been searching for is now in your hands. All you need do is sit back, and cleanse your diseased palate with thirty-one tales soaked in the darkness of that which haunts us all. Tales lost upon a road, which leads to a place where we can all bathe in the blood of forever, and sin with each other, until the stars no longer shine.
For this is a HALLOWEEN  lost, on the twisted roads, of madness!

Available to buy in ebook or paperback format from Amazon HERE, (please make sure your geographical location is set to your country so you can purchase a copy) as well as all other ebook suppliers.

This book will be FREE to all mailing list subscribers.

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