Make A Change To The Way You See The World!

It’s been a little over a week since I laid down my challenge to Hobart business, so I thought I would give you a quick update on how things are travelling so far.

I’ve had a couple of job offers, and a business offered to take part in the documentary/challenge, which is great. But I still can’t help feeling that there are so many other businesses within Hobart that could be involved.

So in order to thrust more light onto this inane plan, I’ve made another video to highlight my predicament and push the idea of the challenge, and why I feel it’s so important for business to take up the idea.

For together we can grow and change the wheel of madness we live in, while apart we flounder and eventually disappear.

Sure that sounds totally negative, but it’s a fact. How much of a fact is it? How truthful is the disturbing darkness we turn our back on daily, to ignore the plight of those around us? It’s as true as the name you answer to on a daily basis.

The truth for us all is to take notice of those around us, to see through the way we judge others, to see we are not mightier than those around us, to see the difference we could make if we tried.

Together you and I, us, we the many can make a difference.

Together we can change the world without the help of our so-called governments.

Together we can make our world the one we wished it to be when we were children.

Together we can be who we need to be, who we want to be.

Together we can be.

You can sit there and say this isn’t just about me and you, but it’s a great place to start, isn’t it?

You can go to the go fund me page here –

View the YouTube video here –

Visit my website here –

Send an email to this address –

Or drop me a message via Facebook.

So come on Tasmania, show me what you’ve got!


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