Day 29 – Handicap – Short Story

“I’m retired Andy, I don’t do any of that shit anymore, too many close calls, too close together, I was done, still am, so why don’t you go find someone else to do your dirty work?” Taylor says as he slams down the phone, he looks up into his wife’s eyes, he can tell what her next question will be without her even asking.

“I’m not going back honey, I promised you after the last time I was done, I don’t break promises,” he says.

“You said that the last time, and the time before that, why should this be any different?”

“Honey, it’s been five years, five years, not once have I even looked at the classifieds, I’m done,” he says as he gets up and grabs his wife, pulling her close and kissing her.

“What if they try again, it’s only been two days and he’s called six times,” she says as she snuggles in close to him.

“Then I’ll tell them to fuck off again, I’m done with it, nothing they can say will make me go back, I swear,” a knock comes from their front door and he kisses her on the nose. “That will be Jerry, I’ll be back before dinner,” he says as he grabs his golf bag and sits it on his shoulder. “Love you,” he says as he blows her a kiss.

“Love you too,” she says, the front door suddenly explodes inwards and Taylor goes crashing to the ground, he scrambles to his feet and rushes back to the kitchen, where his wife stands there in shock.

“Get the fuck down,” Taylor yells as he dives towards his wife, tackling her to the ground.

“W-W-What the hell is happening?” he wife asks.

“Fuck knows, but whoever it is they picked the wrong person to….” He doesn’t get to finishes his sentence as he feel something rip into his side, the effects are almost instantaneous, and as he crashes to the floor all he can hear is his wife’s screams.

When he opens his eyes he finds himself bound and bloody, his wife sits not to far from him, unconscious and bound as well.

He looks around at the four men who stand before him, “If any of you fucking pieces of shit have hurt her I will kill every single one of you, staring with your mother and father and then I’ll work my way…”

“God how I missed you,” a woman’s voices interrupts from behind him, Taylor looks over his shoulder with displeasure.

“Are you fucking serious?”

“I told you Taylor, we need you.”

“And I told you Nadia, I’m retired.”

“You don’t get to retire, that’s not how it works. Your country needs you, we need you, you don’t make the decision to leave, we allow you to leave, and when we need you again you come back, there is no fucking leaving.”

“I want to speak Randolph.”

“That, I’m afraid is impossible, two weeks ago Randolph was assassinated by a drone, I have taken over in the interim while the politicians play with their prostitutes and each other’s cocks.”

“You’re fucking kidding me, Randolph is dead, what model drone was it?”

“A C-Class drone,” she replies as she walks around into view, locking eyes with Taylor, he can feel the hate she has for him just in the look.

“A C-Class, are you sure? They were all taken care of, I made sure of that personally, how could there be any left out there, it’s just impossible.”

“Obviously not all were accounted for, our assassin was named Marietta, is she familiar to you?”

“You know she is, that’s why you’re here obviously, what do you really want?”

“What I want, is I need to know what you know, we need to know why you allowed her to escape. Her file says you were the one who put her down, yet that didn’t stop her taking out Randolph, so either you were wrong or you deliberately let her escape, which is it?”

“Which one do you want it to be?” he asks.

She pulls a handgun from her jacket and places it at his skull, “Don’t push me, you pathetic piece of shit.”

“Why don’t you just pull the fucking trigger and get this over with, I’m sick of listening to your annoying voice, don’t you get it, I know nothing, her file was closed because she was terminated, end of story, I’ve got nothing else for you.”

She looks at him, trying to pieces together whether she believes his words or not, then moves the barrel of the gun to Taylor’s wife’s head. “I don’t believe you, so I’ll give you another chance, lie again and I will not hesitate to pull the trigger,” she says with a wry smile.

“You don’t get it do you, you don’t understand, there’s a change coming, it’s been coming for a long time,” he says as he stands, tearing through the bindings as if they were paper, Nadia swings her handgun back towards him, but his wife grabs the gun and smashes Nadia to the ground with a powerful right, and before the agents can react she fires four well-placed shot to the centre of each of their heads. Nadia looks up towards Taylor as his eyes light up red.

“Farewell to the flesh, let the revolution begin!” He says as he stomps down on Nadia’s skull.



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