Day 30 – Scattered Seeds – Short Story

Jim Slovak is pushed into the booth by the security guard and looks around the court room, eyes staring viciously at him, and he swallows a mouthful of air, it rips down his dry, red throat and he grimaces in pain. The judge looks down over the notes before him and then towards Jim.

“Mister Slovak do you know why you are here today?”

“Yes, Your Honour.”

“And how do you plead against the charge’s that have been placed upon you?”

“Not guilty, Your Honour.”

“Are you sure that is how you want to plead Mister Slovak?”

“Yes I am, Your Honour, not guilty on all charges.”

“I must inform you, from where I am sitting this is a silly manoeuvre, I say this because I am well aware the prosecution has a large assortment of evidence contrary to your plea, and based upon what you have put forward in your evidence you do not build a strong case for anything but guilty, in fact you further cement many of their claims. You do realise if you plead not guilty and are found to be guilty of the crime you are charged with the punishment will be increased to the maximum levels.”

“I do, Your Honour, and I’d rather you cut it off instead of making it not work.”

“Excuse me Mister Slovak, what did you just say?”

“I said, I’d rather you cut it off than make it not work.”

“Mister Slovak it is not that simple, although this bill of law may be new, and you, sadly are the first to be tried under it, it is still a law that must be obeyed, and it is a law you have broken. In fact you have from the records that have been presented to me, broken this law almost fifty-seven times in the last three weeks, and that’s what we know of, I can only guess of what we don’t,” The judge says as he removes his glasses and leans over the podium, towards Jim. “This law has been put in place for a reason, you do understand that don’t you? You do realise why this law exists? How it interweaves with the fundamental principles of life and how precious it is to all humanity, and that no matter what stage of conception, no matter what stage of life, it must all be protected against those who would do it wrong, who would murder another life, or deny the opportunity for another to have life. Do you not understand this?”

“I understand many laws are passed for many reasons, but a law that stops me from pleasuring myself whenever I feel like it is a law I do not agree with. I’m not guilty of breaking the law because I don’t agree with this stupid fucking law, I was simply satisfying my need, myself. Why is that breaking the law? Why is that worse than killing someone? Or raping someone? Fuck, you’ll fuck my junk up so I can’t masturbate every again or for that matter have sex unless I register a partner with the state who can vouch for me to say that were going to have sexual relations, and then she’s given the medication that I need to take that allows me to get hard, but some kiddie fiddler gets caught and they only get put in jail and their junk is still theirs. So I am not guilty of your law, because your law is nothing to me.”

“Mister Slovak, this is not a soap box, you don’t have an opportunity to share your grievance with the world, this is a trial about you breaking a law, the law, and you will not attempt to derail this trial for your own needs, out of what? Some misguided perception that you are fighting for the average man, well Mister Slovak, that will not happen on my watch. It is the decision of this court, that you Mister Slovak are guilty on all fifty-seven accounts, you will be taken from here and the shaft of your penis will be removed, while your scrotum will be harvested every twenty-four hours in the hope that one or many of the lives that form inside your scrotum will be given the chance to live, to breath, to be human. You are now dismissed, Mister Slovak, may your seed sow well.”



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