Day 41 – Infection – YouChallenge Short Story

He sits back in the chair as the light blindly shines into his eyes, and he puts his arm up to shield them.

“Please Mister Montgomery, can you put your arm down,” The man asks him.

“Sorry, force of habit,” he replies.

“Well unless you want your mouth ripped open, I suggest you keep it down.”

“Sorry,” he replies again as he places his hands on his chest and locks his fingers together.

“Now, open wide so we can have a look at what’s going on.” Frank obeying opens his mouth as wide as he can while the other man pokes and prods around in his mouth with various utensil, Frank grimaces in pain as he comes to the decaying mess that is his lower molars. “Well I can see why you’re in an immense amount of pain, you have an infection in your right second lower molar that’s spread to the first and third, we’ll have to do an x-ray of your mouth to have a better look, but the second molar will have to go, and by, the, looks of it, we may have to drill the third as there’s some discoloration and decay, but I’m hoping we should be able to save it.” He says as he leans back on his seat and motions to the nurse to prepare the x-ray machine.

“I don’t understand, I was only in here two weeks ago and you said everything was fine, shouldn’t you have seen this then?” Frank asks.

“You would expect so, but, if you just look over at this screen of the x-ray we took on the eighth, there was clearly no signs of any damage to any of those teeth, and now it’s as if they’ve been infected for months, which is why you’re in so much pain.”

The nurse readies the machine and gels up a mouth piece before sliding it into Frank’s mouth, “Now bite down on this and don’t release it until I say,” she says, Frank bites down and nods his head, wincing in pain as a heat wave of agony rips through the right side of his face. Seconds pass as the machine snaps away and Frank sits there in agony, finally relieved when she removes the machine and tells him to release his grip.

“Now let’s see what…..” the dentist words come to a sudden stop and his face goes white with horror.

“Is everything OK?” Frank asks nervously, the dentist sits there mortified, speechless, Frank launches himself out of the chair and comes to the dentist’s side and looks at the image before him. “That’s inside my mouth?” he says in panic.

“I-I’ve never seen anything like it in my life, I’ve been doing this for thirty-seven years and never, ever have I seen something like this,” the dentist says.

“Y-You’ve got to get them fucking out, you’ve got to get them fucking out NOW!” Frank says as he grabs the dentist by the shoulders.

“I don’t know, I d-don’t know if it will aggravate the situation and cause more damage, we need to make sure we know what we’re dealing with before we go pulling your teeth out and causing more problems.”

“I don’t give a good fucking god damn what you want to do, get them fucking out now, or so help me god I’ll do it myself!” Frank yells as he feels a burning shot of pain rip though his jaw and up the side of his face. “NOW!” he yells.

“Alright, alright, calm down, nurse give me ten milligrams of articaine, no, make it twenty,” the dentist orders.

“Fuck that, just pull the fucking teeth out, let’s not worry about pain-killers, I’m in enough pain as it is!” Frank yells as he leans back in the seat and opens his mouth. “Just get them fucking out!”

The dentist wipes his brow and grabs a pair of forceps, his hands shake uncontrollably as he sits there unmoving.

“Do it!’ Frank yells, as he opens his mouth wide again.

The dentist looks at the petrified nurse and nods his head, “Suction, please Miss Jones,” she nervously picks up the suction device and stands to Franks left as the dentist reaches the forceps in and grabs hold of one of the teeth, Frank screams with pain as the dentist pulls forcefully back on the forceps’, jerking it left and right as the tooth beings weaken. The sound like the popping of a champagne bottle can be heard as the tooth gives way and the Frank screams in agony as thousands of little spiders being spewing from his mouth.




The challenge was a guy who has a tooth ache and rips his face off, I felt ripping his face off was a little to much of a direction and took it my own way, still think I scored with it.

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