Day 42 – Lies Of A Broken World – Chapter Three – Act III

Caroline stands in front of a holo-projection of Mike Robbins the current anchor of Channel Thirty-One news, his contract is about to run out, and he’s trying to make a better deal.

“Look I don’t care, you either agree to my terms or you can find work elsewhere, although I don’t know where else there is!” Caroline yells as she slams the phone down. “Ungrateful pricks, you give them everything, make them a name and all they want is more!”

Caroline makes her way out into a large kitchen, four robots stand awaiting orders.

“How may I be of assistance Miss Hallowthorpe?” one of the robots queries.

“I am ready for my evening meal.”

“It will be ready in five minutes Miss Hallowthorpe,” the robot replies and then it whisks off and begins preparing Caroline’s meal, the other robots quickly join in, suddenly there is a loud crash from the lounge area, and Caroline instantly freezes.

Quickly she hits a small emergency button next to the phone and looks around the kitchen for something to use as a weapon, a knife rack catches her eye, and she slowly draws a knife free, then quietly makes her way out into the hallway. A sound comes from the lounge area and causes Caroline to freeze in her steps, after a few moments she slowly steps towards the entrance way when she is stopped again, this time by a cold shiver that run down her spine. She spins around in fright coming face to face with her long dead sister.

“Rebecca!” Caroline screams in shock.

“Hello Caroline, miss me?” Rebecca says as she backhands Caroline to the floor, and the knife goes skidding off underneath the sofa.

“Don’t look so surprised sister you never really thought you could be rid of me did you?” Rebecca asks with a smile.

“There’s no way,” Caroline says.

“Why, because you killed me?”

“You’re not my sister, I don’t know who you are, but you’re not my sister. But it matters little of who you are as the police are going to be here very soon!”

“I hate to disappoint you sis, but they’re not coming, I took care of that before I got here.”

“What the fuck are you?” Caroline yells. “You can’t be here, you’re dead! You’re dead!”

“But I am,” Rebecca replies, “and I want what is mine, what you took from me.”

“I took nothing from you, you took it from me, I should have had it all, you never earned it, you just sucked up to Daddy all the time, you never challenged anything he ever said you just wanted the credits. I’ve turned this into a business, into something even Daddy never dreamed of. You’re scum just like he was, that’s why he had to die, and that’s why you had to die too!” Caroline screams as she attacks Rebecca, who easily avoids her advances and throws her into the lounge area, Caroline goes crashing into the ground, she lets out a cry of agony as her hip rips out of its joint.

“You killed Daddy too?”

“Don’t play stupid with me bitch, you knew I killed Daddy, you saw me do it, but you knew to keep your mouth shut because you knew you would get everything!” Caroline yells as she feels around and finds the knife lying underneath the sofa, Rebecca grabs Caroline and pulls her up.

“You killed Daddy!” Rebecca yells, Caroline takes the chance and plunges the knife deep into Rebecca’s chest, they both go crashing to the floor, and Caroline forces the knife in deeper, staring into her dead sister’s eyes with the glee of a maniac as she does.

“I’m not going to make the same mistake twice, this time, I’m going to make sure you stay dead!” Caroline yells as she slowly gets to her feet and limps away.

“Where do you think you’re going? It’s not over yet,” Rebecca says from behind her, Caroline turns around and faces Rebecca again.

“It’s just not possible, I stabbed that knife into your heart, you should be dead?”

“Sorry to disappoint you,” Rebecca says with a smile. “But you were right about one thing, Rebecca is dead, and I’m glad you finally admitted to what really happened,” she says as she grabs the front of her fringe and rips the skin off revealing a robotic face.

“You’re a droid?”

“Surprise Caroline, I just want to tell you it’s a shame I’m not there with you to witness your death first hand, but still there is nothing to cry over with this second rate live feed. In a way I’m sorry it had to end this way Caroline, but that’s how somethings go. You see right now I’m jetting off to my new life and you, well let’s just say you’re about to pay for your sins,” the droid says, the voice now matching Christopher’s.

“Christopher?” Caroline mutters as the droids eyes flash red.

“Don’t worry Caroline, I promise it won’t hurt too much, goodbye sister.”

“Christopher you fu…” she screams as the droid explodes, the explosion rips into Caroline, her skin and flesh ripped from her bones, leaving only the smoking remains of what once was Caroline Hallowthorpe.




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