Day 43 – Skillet – Short Story

He leaps from his bed, still half asleep, as the banging that is coming from beyond the bed room, from somewhere else within the house, has pulled him from his world of dreams. He stumbles out into the small hallway that connects all the rooms in the house, and his eyes grow wide with panic as he sees a light coming from beneath the kitchen door, he looks around the hallway for some sort of weapon, anything, but there’s nothing in sight. He looks over his shoulder, back towards the bedroom, before he can even contemplate going back the kitchen door opens and he freezes in fright. For five or more minutes he stands there, petrified, waiting for whoever is in the kitchen to come walking out into the hallway, but no one does. Finally he builds up the courage to take a step forward and makes his way, nervously towards the kitchen. He hears someone opening draws and moving their contents around and then closing them again, he panics as he knows someone is in there for sure now, someone is defiantly in his home. After ten or more minutes of slowly making the his way down the three meter hallway he reaches the doorway to the kitchen and slowly peers his head around the corner and his mouth drops open, searching through his kitchen cupboards and drawers is, himself.

“What the??” He whispers, the version of himself in the kitchen stops.

“Well don’t stand there all night, a hand would be nice,” he says as he looks over in his direction.

“What the fucking is going on?” He says as he slowly enters the kitchen.

“What does it look like? I’m trying to find the bottle opener,” he says, pointing to the bottle of cider that sits on the bench, condensation running down it, into a puddle of water that has over the past twenty minutes formed.

“Right drawer, at the back,” he says pointing towards the drawer.

“Of course, can’t believe I forgot, it’s been so long since I lived here, sit down, we’ve got a lot to talk about,” he says as he opens the bottle and slides it to Kevin.

“What the fuck are you? Are you me?”

“Awesome first questions, the simple answer is yes, yes I am you.”

“And the complicated answer?”

“Ah, that one,” he says as he places a hand over his face and removes it, showing a robotic skull beneath it, Kevin’s mouth drops again and he rubs his eyes.

“I know it’s a lot to take in, but there doesn’t seem to be much of an option on reveling this slowly to you.”


“No you’re not dreaming, sadly, this is as real as it get.”


“Why is this happening? Because you’re the answer to our problems. I know it doesn’t make sense, but that’s what I’m here to tell you, some two or three hundred years from now the human race is facing extinction, not from some threatening, outside alien race or the impending collapse of the universe, the human race is going to become extinct because the genetic alterations humanity have rigorously subjected themselves to. We, they have effectively backed themselves genetically into a corner with no way out. That all changed some months ago, when a recording that was stored in my memory banks activated itself, a recording I’ve never seen before, a recording that should have never existed. The recording was of this moment, this meeting between you and me,” he says, Kevin looks dumbstruck, still trying to wrap his head around everything that is going on, he reaches down and grabs the cider and takes a large mouthful and swallow it down quickly.

“This is crazy,” he says as he wipes his mouth.

“I know, up until then I believed I was always an android, somehow cast back in time for some unknown crazy reason, but I know the real truth, the real reason I ended up back in the past, not knowing anything, I was sent back to,” he says, Kevin takes another large mouthful of the drink.

“How is this possible?”

“Well it all started with a thing called a Hyper-Hop-drive,” he says as the room suddenly shifts and Kevin finds himself elsewhere with a woman waving her hands around in front of his face.

“Kevin? Hello? Are you ok?”

“I truly do not know,” he says as he tilts his head, showing his confusion.

“What the hell happened, you stopped mid-sentence and just stood there like a fucking statue.”

“A memory file that I have no recollection of ever existing just played.”

“Fuck, what was it?”

“Saving humanity.”




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