Day 45 – Lies Of A Broken World – Chapter Three – Act IV

Christopher removes the headset and gives a little laugh as he sits back in his seat, how easily this plan played out, and now as he relaxes as the jet prepares to take off towards New London, he feels finally fulfilled. He looks out the window and takes a sip of wine ‘Here’s to a plan well played.’ He allows a small laugh to escape.

“Is this seat taken?” a voice asks.

“No, please help yousel…” Christopher stops mid-sentence as he meets Gary’s gaze.

“How’s this for a coincidence, fancy running into you, Hallowthorpe not with you?” Gary asks as he sits down looking around the cabin.

“No, I have a personal matter to take care of that does not involve Caroline,” Christopher says as he slides the headset down the side of his seat.

“Man what a view,” Gary says as he peers out the window. “Hey what are those?” he asks as he pulls up the headset.

“No please, they are very expensive,” Christopher says in a panic as he grabs hold of the headset.

“Ok, no need to get excited there Christopher,” Gary says as he lets go. “Anyone would think you just killed Hallowthorpe with some remote controlled droid dressed as her long dead sister.”

Christopher sits there in shock for a few moments and his eyes begin to well up with tears, “What! How?”

“Sometimes the little things you overlook are the things we find, but the servo-chair, leaving that behind was a big mistake. Seems not only does it record everything the droid does, but it also led me straight to you, I thought it was more important getting to you than Hallowthorpe. It also didn’t work well for you to use the same name for the ticket that you used to hire my former partner Andrew Fontaine for the ground work in your little plan. I see you’re a little shocked, so if you don’t mind, I’ll fill you in on what I think is going to happen, so tell me how close I am,” Gary says as he settles back in his seat. “You see Christopher, I’m pretty sure when we get a DNA test done on you, we’ll see that you’re Hallowthorpe’s half-brother or some relation of some kind, and I’m betting that’s why you did it in the end, you wanted to avenge the father you never knew and the sister you actually liked, all I want to know is why did it take you so long do it?”

“The bitch was stealing my ideas and taking all the credit, I was the brains, she couldn’t even think without getting a headache. Spending all her time and credits at those disgusting so called entertainment shitholes,” Christopher replies. “The worst thing was, I never got a cent of what we made, I was paid a pittance for all the work I did, she deserved to die, one bad deed justifies another, I saw nothing wrong with it.”

“Too bad Christopher, if you tried another way, you could’ve been sitting where she was, you could’ve had it all, but now you’ve got nothing.”

“What’s going to happen to me now?” Christopher asks as the tears run down his face.

“I don’t want to ruin the fun, but it’s going to be very cold.”




Within Delta City, man has recreated many areas to remind themselves of the beauty Earth once possessed, bio-engineered parks that can be found throughout many of the uptown and downtown suburbs. These parks were created with one intention, to mimic the once living earth that man so long ago destroyed. Milwaukee Park is by day a haven for children everywhere, and by night brings out all the monsters that hide in the shadows, and tonight is no exception.

Three members of a Zerker’s gang named The Aces, deal out punishment to a credit jumping bookkeeper for their current employer.

“Boss said you owe him his cut of your takings Washington, boss don’t like the disappearing act you did, you’ve wasted our time and his time and credits finding you,” one of the Zerker’s say to Washington, as he holds him by one leg in the air.

“I’ll have his money Palco, I swear, it’s just tied up in an investment, there was nothing I could do. I have the same problems as your boss, I just needed time,” Washington pleads.

“You know how this all works, if you weren’t so deep in shit then maybe we could give you a free pass. But you’re not only sinking in your own shit, your breathing it in like the disgusting little creep you are,” Palco replies.

“I’ll double whatever Barossa is paying you if you give me a day, that’s all I need.”

“You think I’m that fucking stupid?” Palco replies, “You know what happened to the last guy who tried to make a little money on the side? They got fucking buried, I’m not that stupid, so again you little shit, what will it be, fingers or toes?”

“District-Three PD, freeze!” A voice yells from the darkness of the park. “Release Washington and get on your hands and knees!”

“Fuck me, is this your doing little man?” Palco asks looking down at the upside down Washington.

“No way, I may be stupid, but I’m not that stupid.”

“Bullshit, they know your name arsehole,” Palco yells as he rips Washington in two like a wishbone and slams a button on his chest. The other two Zerker’s follow Palco’s lead, setting off a chemical injection of ND411 or as it’s known on the streets Nitro, an illegal steroid that works overtime. It simultaneously stimulates rapid muscle growth to every muscle in the body, sending the user into a muscle-bound rage fit more commonly called ‘Red Rage.’ The officers are quickly ripped into various pieces before they can even mount a defensive attack, the Zerker’s then continue their drug induced rampage off into the city.

In the shadows, a figure watches them from afar. ‘That’s it, continue on your way my Zerker friends, leave me to do my work.’

The man turns back to the four children who sit behind him, he pulls out a knife and it gleams in the moonlight.

“Now that our friends are gone let’s get started shall we?” he says as he thrusts the blade into one of the children.




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