Let’s Get Crazy!

As we come closer to the end of the second month a few things have dawned on me, one being the most insane of all, is that I’m enjoying these short stories, I mean, not all have worked, some have fallen over and some have just not got to that, oh yeah, stage. SO to increase the fun and excitement there’s going to be a little change, and this change is not going to be shifting things down a gear, changing the way all this was designed to be. No, the change is going to be a next stage sort of move, starting from today, which is Thursday. Every Thursday you would normally get a section of my book, Lies Of A Broken World and nothing else, well that will be no more from this point on, yes, you will still get Lies Of A Broken World, but it won’t be counted in the days anymore, instead you will get another short story, like all the other days, this also is the same for Sunday. Now, that’s two more insane, twisted, strange, stories to add to your collection each week, are we not having fun yet?

But that’s not all, we are gearing up for Halloween as well, I know, what? Halloween, but that’s months away! I know, but I want to do something special, you see I was writing this short story and I kinda fell in love with it, it’s an urban legend type thing, with a big, bad arsed monster type character and revolves around him killing people and other people trying to stop him,  you know, the fun sort of movie you always like to scream at when your watching it, ‘What the fuck are you doing? Don’t go in there you idiot!” That sort of stuff. This all starts on the 25th of October, wait, that’s not Halloween you idiot, yes I know. We’re going to start a Halloween week on the 25th, what Halloween week? Easy, 7 days of madness, 7 days of this story, that will unfold at 2 minutes to midnight on each of the 7 nights. Of course when I say midnight I say my midnight, so it might not be your midnight, but anyway, that’s something crazy to look forward to. Plus, you get your normal stories each and every day, and on the 26th and on Halloween, the 31st, you get an extra story as well, the 26th is a special little bugger, that will require a little bit of time to get together, I’ll tell you all about it once I know it works.

Now, lets talk about YouChallenge, I’ve had some fun with them so far, gone way off the direction I think they were originally given to me with, and I want more, I’d really like to give you either 2 days of YouChallenge material, or if I can get enough, and get them written quickly enough (as it’s taking me roughly 15 to 20 minutes over the last few days to pump out a good rough draft) I say we try to see if we can bang it up to 2 YouChallenge stories every Wednesday instead of 1, do I have any takers? If you want to throw me an idea, it can be anything, yesterdays Jeremiah was ‘a woman wakes up trapped in a coffin’, and that’s what I gave you, so hit me up, send my your worst. email earth2165@yahoo.com with your challenge and I’ll meet you on the other side of the trail, with it ready to burn someones eyes out.

Other than that, I have nothing else to say, although that’s a lie, after some fighting with the processor I finally managed to get a working copy of the first months stories in eBook form, it will be announced later, so don’t worry too much bout that right now, just spread the word, let people know about this blog, like the stories that entertain you the most and let me know when something really bugs you. But most of all keep enjoying the stories and keep on riding this twisted little road with me a while longer, because I promise, it’s only going to get worse, or better, or…. Never mind, just keep on keeping on!



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