Day 58 – Transplant – Short Story

Freddy places his bag on the floor and lets out a sigh in frustration, he looks around the small room and his shoulders drop and he slumps forward and falls on to his knees, his face planted firmly in his hands and he cries, for almost an hour. He sits there, lost, confused and completely overwhelmed by the events that have taken place over the last two days. Finally he forces himself up and looks across into the mirror, and stares at the reflection of the man he hardly recognises, his face puffy, his eyes red raw, and his face unshaven. He screws his face up in anger and swings a solid left punch into the mirror, the impact sends multiple cracks from the impact point and he grits his teeth in pain as he feels several shards dig into his tightly clenched fist.

“Fuck!” He says as he pulls back his fist and looks over his now bloody hand and flexes his hand open, letting out a grimace of pain, he rushes to the small bathroom and washes his hand as a uneasiness begins to come over him, he frantically pulls the shards of glass from his hand and wraps one of the hand towels that sit at the sink around his hand, and it quickly beings to turn red. From the main room he hears his phone scream out and he stumbles out of the bathroom and grabs it from the small desk, and once he sees the caller id he sighs and he answers it.

“I thought you never wanted to talk to me again?” He says.

“Why do you have to be like this?” She says.

“Are you seriously asking me that fucking question?”

“For god sake Freddy, talk to me, don’t block me out like this!”

“What, me block you out? I’ve said everything I needed to say, what else is left?”


He laughs, “Well honey, everything is a whole lot of fuck you!”

“Can’t we talk? Can’t you give me a chance to explain? Please?”

“Why? So you can laugh behind my back again, so you can fuck me in the arse while I’m off living in some fucking fairy-tale? That’s not going to fucking happen sweetheart, not by a long shot, you decided to go off and choose your own adventure, so fuck you, no we can’t talk about it!” He yells into the phone.

“Freddy, please, don’t let it end like this, don’t leave it like this,” she says.

“Well you shouldn’t have slipped on that piece of shits dick, bitch!” He yells as he throws the phone into the ground and collapses in tears, time passes and he wakes on the floor in a ball to the sound of someone knocking on the door of his room, he uneasily picks himself up and makes his way over to the door and slowly turns the handle and pulls the door agar, a bright, white light blinds him and he’s forced to pull away and shields his eyes, and is horrified to see his crumpled, lifeless body lying in a pool of blood and he turns back to the doorway as a figure slowly begins to form in front of his eyes.


“Hey, Freddy! Man what a shame dude, you really deserved a better way to go out, you really did,” he says as he slaps a hand on Freddy’s shoulder. “But hey, on the bright side, at least that lying piece of shit is going to feel a lot worse down here in this shit hole, while we’re going to party it up in the afterlife man, you wouldn’t believe the shit that’s legal on this side of the shizzle.”



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