Lies Of A Broken World – Chapter Four – Act IV

Clover Mall, one of the biggest and newest malls to grace Delta City, only completed three years ago, it has become a beacon of what today, can be created. Complete with a state of the art security system and more shops than you ever thought possible to be in one place.

“You go to the security room, and I’ll stay on the floor, see if you can spot him and guide me in his direction?” Gary instructs as the two go their separate ways.

Davey barges his way into the security room and shoves his badge in the security officer’s face, after several agonising minutes Davey finally spots Steedman and guides Gary towards him.

“Simon, doing some late night shopping?” Gary yells, Steedman comes to a stop and slowly turns to face Gary.

“Gary, twice in one week, a man would begin to think you were following him.”

“A man would be right then.”

“Do you mind if I do a couple of jobs first and then I’ll pop over to Three and we can sit down and I’ll go over everything I know about Allison’s movements. I promised my wife I wouldn’t forget and with everything that happened this morning I almost did.”

“Bullshit, you’re not even married you arsehole, why are you trying to avoid this, did you have a part to play into what happened to Allison? Danny said it wasn’t a suicide, he said someone deliberately overdosed him on the MercuryFour.”

“Fuck you Jackson, you don’t know what it’s like, sometimes things happen, sometimes people have to become something else to get the job done. I’m not trying to defend myself here I’m just saying things happen, I’ve seen things that would make you wet yourself, so don’t judge me. If you want me, you’re going to have to take me down the hard way!” Steedman yells as he throws his bags to the ground and faces Gary down.

Gary places a hand on his blaster, Steedmans eyes watchfully follows his hand, “Look, Simon, why don’t you calm down and we’ll go to Three, sit down like adults and go over everything, this doesn’t have to end up getting violent.”

“Then take your hand off your blaster, if you really don’t want to get violent.”

“Ok,” Gary says as he raises his hands in the air. “Look, whatever role you played in Allison’s death it doesn’t have to go down the wrong way, if you took him out because of what he did to the kids, it could be your saving grace, you might even keep your badge.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, you have no evidence to interrogate me with, I had nothing to do with those children or Allison’s death!” Steedman yells.

“I never said you were involved in the deaths of the children, just Allison’s, that’s all, you can deny it all you want but you left a pretty good boot print on Allison’s thigh, which Danny would have matched to at least one pair of your shoes by now.”

“You’ve been in my home?”

“We obtained a warrant half an hour ago, we tried reaching out to you but you left your phone in your car, seemed you’d packed quite a bit of shit in there, were you taking a trip?”

“Fuck you, I don’t have to answer any of your questions, I’m not under arrest.” Steedman says, Gary stares at him for several moments before making up his mind and drawers his blaster free from its holster and aims it towards Steedman.

“Simon Steedman, I’m placing you under arrest for the murder of four children and Marcus Allison,” Gary says as he grabs Steedman by the shoulder, Steedman grabs a small silver device from his jacket pocket and throws it to the ground between them, Gary makes the stupid mistake of looking down to see what it was as the device lets out a loud shrill and explodes in a ball of light blinding him instantly and Steedman takes off down the hallway.

“Have a nice time finding me Jackson!” Steedman yells back.

“Steedman is our target, get your arse down here now!” Gary yells over the commline, he lets out a scream of pain as he shakes his head vigorously, trying to see anything other than the bright white light he sees at the moment.

“On my way, where are you?”

“Fuck where I am, he’s coming your way, the fucker dropped a hyperflare and I can’t see shit, so this ones on you!” Gary screams as he tries to feel his way forward.




Gleeson sits at his desk staring at the holo image of a shadowed figure.

“Thank you sir, I’m honoured to take over from Divisional Commissioner Alexander.”

“I’m glad, it took more time to finally move the old buzzard on as it took for us to settle you into the position, I was worried you would keel over before he ever stood down,” the figure says with laughter.

“I had the same feeling, but now I have a real chance of making a difference, making a change for the better.”

“I hope you realise what I have done for you, your past would be nothing without my help, and you would be definitely under the ground now if it were not for me, so don’t get too big a plans Commissioner,” Gleeson looks up and stares uneasily at the figure.

“I realise this sir, and I appreciate all you have done, but now is the time for me to begin cracking down on some of the bigger problems in this city. I have files filled with data and targets, but you continue to tie my hands on these, the time has come for those bindings to be removed and for you to let me do what this city needs to be done.”

“Don’t suddenly grow balls Gleeson, you are still my puppet, and you still follow my commands. I have not invested all my time and credits in you just so you can run away with the fairies and try to clean the filth from this city. You will remember it was I who helped you get to where you are, no one else, so don’t think you are above me.”

“That’s not what I meant sir.”

“Glad you feel that way Commissioner, I can see we will work well together,” the figure says as the screen goes blank, Gleeson slams his fists on the table in anger.




Steedman runs around the corner, looking over his shoulder frantically and doesn’t notice Davey coming at him from the other direction and the two slam into each other, and both go crashing to the ground. For a few moments they both sit there dazed, before Davey notices that his blaster has fallen to the ground and it sits between them. Steedman spots the blaster as well and both men make a dive for it, wrestling over it for several moments, before Steedman manages to free himself from Davey’s grip and grabs the blaster and points it towards Davey.

“Get back, get fucking back!” Steedman yells.

“Look Steedman, don’t make things worse than they already are!”

“Don’t try and belittle me you fucker,” Steedman says. “I’m not stupid, you’re all the same, I want to help you, Simon. I only want to do what is right for you, Simon. I just want my cut, Simon. Pay me, Simon! Well, it’s too late pretty boy, I don’t swing that way anymore, now you just sit there quietly while I think about whether I put a hole in your head or not!”

“Look, Simon, I don’t care what you think, but you don’t want to make things any worse than they already are, you kill me, and there’s no way of getting out of the hole you’re in, at least now, at this moment, it’s only forty or fifty years on ice.”

“Shut up!” Steedman yells as he smashes the blaster into Davey’s face. “Just shut the fuck up!” He gets to his feet and stands over Davey, the blaster still aimed at his head, “You made me do…” Simon’s words are cut short as Gary crashes into him and they both go crashing to the ground, Davey’s blaster skids off down the corridor and Gary yanks Steedman’s arm behind his back.

“FUCK OFF!” Steedman yells. “LET ME FUCKING GO!”

“Not on your life,” Gary says, his vision still not back to one hundred percent, but enough for him to find his target. Davey gets to his feet and grabs his blaster shoving it in Steedman’s face.

“How do you feel now little man? How do you feel about all you’ve done?” Davey says.

“Davey, lower your fucking weapon!” Gary yells as he locks the holding clamps on Steedman. “We’ve got him Davey, we’ve got the fucker and he’s not going anywhere but on ice, and for a lot longer than he would hope!”

“Why, why should he be allowed to live, this sick fucker deserves nothing better than a hole in the head!”

“It’s not the way, you kill him, and you’re no better than he is, no better than the scum we fight to put away. Lower you blaster and step back, let the fucker rot in the VR system!” Gary says as he places a hand on Davey’s blaster, Davey stares viciously at Steedman and the after a few moments, slowly lowers his blaster.

“Believe me, this is the right way,” Gary says. Steedman begins to smile and lets out a little laugh.

“I knew you were too weak to pull the trigger,” Steedman laughs, Gary spins around and as he does, he grabs Davey’s blaster out of his hands and smashes it across Steedman’s face then shoves it up into his jaw.

“You keep laughing funny boy, because I’m going to be laughing as you’re shoved on ice for the next ninety years and I’m going to make sure to visit you every now and then and remind you why you’re there. So you just keep laughing funny boy, just keep fucking laughing,” Gary says as he pulls Steedman to his feet.




In downtown, it’s hard to have a good reputation for anything, let alone food, but Park Side Café has always managed to keep theirs above better than average and in Westfield, better than average is top of the line, and with prices to die for it makes them one of the most popular eateries in the area.

“Has anyone heard from Jamie? He’s ten minutes late for his shift, which is a first,” The manager of Park Side asks one of the staff members working the counter of the small café.

“No, he seemed fine last night when he left, nothing unusual, said he’d see me today,” the staff member replies.

“Well he’s not here, and he’s not answering any of my calls, I might pop over to his place and see if he’s okay.”

“That won’t be necessary, sorry I’m late,” a gravelled voice says from the entrance way.

“Jamie, are you okay?”

“I’m the best I’ve ever been in my life, so consider this my resignation,” Jamie says as he opens fire, shots rip into the manager and anyone else within the immediate area.




“You did okay today Davey,” Gary says as he takes a seat at his desk.

“Why don’t I feel like it then?”

“Because you’re a critical motherfucker who can’t accept the fact that you’re out of touch with the world, living the big life up there in the towers of Babylon drinking wine and having your dick sucked every day has created this barrier you are going to have to push yourself past.”

“Fantasise much?”

“No, facts are facts.”

“Sharing some words of wisdom Gary?” Gleeson says as he stands in the doorway.

“Something like that.”

“You boys got a good result today, keep it up and you never know where your feet may land you in the future.”

“I’ve tasted the future Bill, and I find this sort of thing more satisfying,” Davey says.

“Sometimes, change is what we all need son.”

“Is that coming from our Superintendent or the Divisional Commissioner himself?” Gary asks.

“Both, now I expect to see you, both of you, tomorrow night, Doris has planned a little gathering for family and friends to celebrate, or as I call it an excuse to spend more of my credits.”

“I’d be honoured to,” Davey replies as Gary laughs.

“Goodnight boys,” Gleeson says as he leaves the two alone again.

“So, what do we do now?” Davey asks, but Gary does not need to answer the question as his commline flashes red.

“Jackson here?”

“We have a situation taking place at Park Side Café, Westfield, we need all available units ASAP.”

“We’re on our way,” Gary replies. “Let’s go partner, time to go back to work.”



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