Day 59 – Wrong Question – Short Story

“I can’t believe you said that?” She says as she throws her drink in his face and then delivers a powerful slap across his cheek.

His cheek goes bright red and he gives it a quick, rough rub and smiles, “Okay, so I take it that’s a no?”

“Of course I’m saying no you perverted piece of shit, my god I can’t even believe you would ask such a ridiculous question!”

“What?” He says innocently, “I’m just trying to work out the boundaries, aren’t you ever curious how far someone will go on a first date, how it’s going to end?”

“I’ll tell you where it’s going to end, right HERE!” She says as she storms out of the bar, leaving him standing alone.

“You’ve got to use a little more finesse there Robbie boy,” the barman says, with a broad grin on his face.

“Shut up Herb, no one asked you for your opinion.”

Herb laughs loudly, “Robbie, I see you come in every week with a new girl on your arm and every time I end up kicking you out the door at closing time, drunk and alone. It’s like you secretly want the dates to fail, like you want to push their buttons until they storm out.”

“That’s not true, I just like to know where the nights going to end up, you know, what turns them on and shit, what’s good and what’s bad so I know what to stay away from,” he says with a smile, dangling his empty glass in the air.

“Tact and finesse will get that for you,” he says as he grabs a bottle of whisky and fills up Robbie’s glass.

“That’s just not how I operate Herb, I like everything to be on the table, straight up and all.”

“I don’t see how asking, are you into anal? Is going to help you get a feel for where the night is going to go.”

“Wouldn’t you like to know if you were going to end up knee deep in shit by the end of the night?”

“Amen to that,” a voice says from behind him, he turns to face a tall, blonde woman, with eyes that dance in the neon lights from behind the counter, he sucks in a deep breath and smiles awkwardly. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt,” she says as she places her empty glass on the bar, “I just couldn’t help but agree with your assessment, its rare these days to come across a man who’s not afraid to ask questions about the important matters.”

“My thoughts exactly, Herb, get this lady another drink, on me,” Robbie says with a broad smile, Herb takes her glass and pours her another beer and places it on the bar.

“Thanks honey,” she says as she places a hand on Robbie’s shoulder and leans in to his ear and whispers, “Just so you know, I’m open to anything,” and she kisses him on the cheek and goes back to her table of friends, leaving Robbie standing there, with his mouth open wide.

“Well, don’t just stand there looking like a dick, go join them,” Herb says as he shoves Robbie from the bar.

Sometime late they crash through the door, entangled in each other’s arms and are quickly in the bedroom, both already half undressed. She pulls his hard, throbbing member free and expertly devours him, and he falls back onto the bed in ecstasy until he emptied himself in her mouth, she quickly gets up and wipes her mouth, with a wicked smile.

“Okay lover boy, my turn,” she says as she grabs him by his hair and pushes his head into her groin and he feels her big, hard, erect member and he looks up at her, with wide eyes and she looks at him and winks, “Just so you know, I always like to end the night with anal.”



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