Day 60 – Fickle Things – Short Story

Mister Hayfield looks down at Jerry and smiles, a toothy, sharp smile and laughs.

“I like you Jerry, you’ve always been kind and respectful to me over the years, until now that is, but I’m going to cut you some slack, give you a chance to redeem yourself.”
“I know what you’re up to, I overheard you on the phone, you’re going to massacre everyone and try to take over the world, turn everyone into undead vampires like you are, well I’m not letting you bite me old man, so you might as well kill me!”

He laughs again, “Why would I kill you Jerry, what is that going to solve, killing is below me, don’t you think?”

“What about Mister Chambers and Carolyn?”

“They are not dead Jerry, they have taken up the struggle, they have joined with me,” he sits down in the leather chair and hooks one leg over the other and leans back in it. “Is that what you think I do Jerry, do you think I kill people?”

“Isn’t that what your kind does, suck blood and kill people?”

“How many people in this street have died or disappeared since you have been alive Jerry, and when died I mean been murdered, not of natural causes?”

Jerry sits there, trying to think of anyone he knows who suddenly disappeared or died mysteriously, his eyes light up quickly, “Mister Jenkins, he went missing two years ago, really mysteriously, did you eat him?”

He laughs, “Mister Jenkins went to Vegas, got married and never came home, don’t you remember?”

“Oh,” Jerry says as he racks his brain again, trying to think of anyone else, but his shoulders drop and he lets out a sigh of disappointment.

“See, if I was this killer would there not be missing people, strange deaths and all that silly stuff happening?”

“I guess so, but you drink blood, right?”

“Yes Jerry, I drink blood, but there is a whole network of vessels who we pay for the privilege to drink from, we are not like the vampires you see in your movies and comic books, we are civilised, respectful and understanding, your kind is the one that do not understand, that are violent and untrustworthy.”

“So why are you building an army?”

He laughs, “An army is not the word I used, now was it?”

“Okay, but you said you were slowly building your numbers for the day when you would rise up and take this world, what did you mean then if you aren’t going to go all bloodthirsty on us?”

“The end of days Jerry, when man is done and the world needs to be inherited, I am just building the numbers of my people so we are ready to take over, without violence, without hate, but with a plan, with know how and without the single drop of blood.”

“Sounds too good to be true?”

“Doesn’t it, why don’t you join me and see for yourself, it’s not every day you have the chance to make a change, why not join me? Be all you can,” he says as he extends his hand. “After all, what’s the worst that can happen?”




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