Day 67 – Homecoming – Short Story

Simon steps off the bus and throws his back-pack over his shoulder, and looks around the deserted bus station.

“Are you sure you want me to leave you here?  The next stop is only twenty k’s away, and it’s nowhere as secluded as this one is?” The driver asks.

“Thanks Jimmy, but it’s ok, I grew up around here, homes only about twelve k that way,” he says pointing up towards the dense woodlands. “Nothing out here that I haven’t come across before, but thanks for the offer.”

“Suit yourself, take care Simon, it was nice meeting you.”

“You too,” he says as the doors to the bus close and it quickly vanished off into the darkness, leaving him standing underneath the street light.

“So you finally did it?” A woman’s voice says and he smiles.

“Did what?” He says as he turns to face her, she jumps into his arms and hugs him tightly.

“Came home silly,” she says as she kisses him on the lips before slowly, and awkwardly taking a step back. “Sorry, old habits die hard.”

“Don’t be, old habits are good,” he says with a smile.

“So, are you here to stay or are you going to run again?”

“I’m pretty sure it’s time I faced everything instead of running away, it’s solved nothing,” he says as they slowly begin walking up an old dirt road.

She smiles and hugs him again, “Good, you better not.” She says as she twists around and they continue to walk up the road.

“Have you talked to the old man lately?”

“Yup, I see him almost every day, I mean since you left no one gives him any real time and you know what he’s like, he prefers the seclusion up in the hills, keeping his distance from everyone else.”

“How is he?”

“Old,” she says with a smile. “He almost gave up waiting for you, you know, we all did.”

“I bet Bobby liked that, I doubt he’ll be happy I’m back.”

“Bobby’s been pushing for it, I can tell you that, he even made a move on me, tried to get me to help force your Dad out, and take me as his. But he’s got none of the elders behind him, just some of the pups, the reckless ones, but they’ll follow anyone who alphas them, and Benny, he’s been playing alpha since you left.”

He grabs her arm and pulls her close, “I’m sorry, I had to…”

She places a finger over his lips, “Don’t, you don’t need to, I’m yours, always have been, we mate for life remember, and the pack, it’s yours as well.”

“What if Bobby causes problems?”

“Then the pack will decide,” she says as she stops and turns to him and smiles. “Can you feel it?” She says as she pulls of her jacket. “When was the last time?” She asks as she strips off the remainder of her clothes, until she is standing, naked in front of him.

“With you, before I left,” he says nervously as she walks up to him and presses her naked body against him.

“Well lover boy, come get your bitch!” She yells as she runs off into the darkness, shifting into a large, white wolf, he smiles as he quickly tears off his clothing and chases after her into the darkness.



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