Lies Of A Broken World

Lies Of A Broken World – Chapter Five – Act II

Maddox closes the store up for the night and slowly walks to his parked car, he stops and lights up a cigarette and takes a deep drag, his life seems so much more pathetic at these times, the enjoyment he once held for his life seems distant and unreachable to him. He takes another drag and sits on the ground next to his car, suddenly standing before him is a large man in a long black cloak, and Maddox jumps a little, more in surprise than fear.

“Sorry, you’re too late we’re closed,” Maddox says as he takes another drag.

“I’m not here for your pathetic games Maddox Jensen, I’m here to offer you the chance to make all your dreams come true.”

“Well you’re too late for that as well,” Maddox replies sarcastically. “How the fuck do you know my name anyway?”

“How I know what I know is of no consequence Maddox, but believe me, it’s never too late for anything my young friend, time means nothing when dreams are involved.”

Maddox laughs, “Unless you’ve a magic wand, I don’t want to hear it,” Maddox says as he gets to his feet.

“I have no magic wand, but I have a magic of a kind, one that can help you free yourself from all your trappings.”

“I don’t have time for this.”

“Time is something you are slowly running out of for everything Maddox, and the more you use wasting it on your pathetic existence the further away your dreams slip.”

“What’s in this for you then, if all this shit you’re spewing is for real?”

“Maddox my young friend, the truth is that I’m about to have an opening arise for a strong, determined young man, and you’re just the person I’m looking for. If you agree to join my employment, I will not only help you grip hold of all those dreams you want, help you make your little games that you so desperately need to make. But I will free you from the trappings of your life so you can win over the girl you desire and rid yourself of the one that sucks your very soul away.”

“How do you know these things?”

“As I said Maddox, you don’t need to know that, all you need to know about is I can make your life better,” the man says. “Why don’t we go somewhere a little quieter, where we can talk a little more freely?” Maddox looks around the deserted car park and turns back to the man.

“Why not here?” Maddox says. “There’s no one around.”

“Don’t believe your eyes Maddox, let’s go for a drive, I’m sure once you hear what I have to say you won’t be disappointed,” the man says as he holds his arm out towards Maddox’s car.

“Okay, but I don’t feel comfortable about this, so I hope your offer is as good as it sounds,” Maddox says as he opens his car door and climbs in and the man climbs in the passenger side. “What do I call you anyway?”

“I have a few names, but you can call me Hide.”




“Okay, Davey I’m ready!” Gary yells as he braces himself for whatever Davey has planned, suddenly the DRS’s Tactical Response Tank, rips through the side of the building and crashes into the man, sending him crashing to the ground with a thud. For several moments everything seems dead quiet, and Gary slowly pokes his head out from around the counter.

“Davey Boy, you okay?”

“I’m good, this thing can take a hit and keep on ticking, and I’d say he is out for the count?” Davey replies. “Can you get a visual?”

Gary slowly gets to his feet and looks around the destroyed café, it doesn’t take him long to spot the lifeless body of the maniac, lying a few feet from the tank. “Looks that way,” Gary says as he slowly makes his way towards the body, Davey opens the tank’s door and climbs out, both have their weapons trained on the body and they both give each other a quick reassuring look before Gary slowly reaches towards the body. Suddenly he springs back to life and throws Gary violently back over the counter and sends Davey flying onto the hood of the tank with a crash and leaps to his feet.

“You’re still trying to kill me as if I am a man, but you have no way of stopping me!” He screams as he looks over to Davey, who is still sprawled across the front of the tank. Gary scrambles to his knees, he can feel the warmth of the blood pouring from a wound to his head, and his left arm feels like it’s broken in several places, he lets out a small groan as he forces his arm to move, suddenly he freezes as his vision begins to realign on a canister in front of him.

“Davey, I’ve got something, but it’s going to be messy if it works, get your arse under some cover because you’re going to need it!” Gary yells as he rips the gas cylinder from underneath the service counter. “I hope you’re out of the way!” He yells as he jumps up and launches the gas cylinder at the maniac, then in another fluid motion he fires several shots into the canister as it smashes into his face. The speed in which it happens allows no time for any of them to prepare for the explosion, and Gary crashes down, behind the counter as the huge explosion rips through the maniac and half of the building, several minutes pass until movement finally begins.

“Fuck,” Gary says as he gets unsteadily to his feet.

“Man they are going to be cleaning him off of everything, for at least a week,” Davey says as he wipes blood and body parts from his face, the rest of his uniform covered in pieces of the man.

“Not to mention how many times you’re going to have to shower to get all the pieces out of your hair,” Gary says as he gives Davey the once over.

“How the fuck did you manage to not get covered in any of the waste?”

“Experience, Davey, can’t beat experience, something you’ll learn in time.”




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