Short Story

Day 66 – Taylor Who – Short Story

You know the old saying wrong place, wrong time, it actually exists, I kid you not. Sometimes, your just minding your own business, trying to get through the day and make sure you’re doing the right thing, and something, somehow goes completely the wrong way, honest to whatever religion, god, devil, demon or the like, you want me to swear to, I will because it’s all true. If you don’t believe me, that’s your decision, but I’m going to tell you my side of the story and you can decide. It all started just a measly two hours ago when I got home from work and the wife was entertaining a couple of her work colleagues, before they went off to some end of year function they had. Now I guess you’ll start to understand the more I tell you my side of things, but I’ll give you a hint, it involved too many drinks and the fact my wife hadn’t paid attention to the boy downstairs for at least a month. Anyway, I walked in the door, expecting no one to be home, and was surprised when I heard voices coming from the lounge room, there the four of them were, dressed up to the nine is their hot little numbers and my wife, to be honest, looking the hottest of all. I casually walking into the room and gave a her a kiss and said hello to the rest and excused myself as I had to get out of my dirty clothes and get cleaned up, by the time I reached the bathroom I was hard, and knew I needed to put a stop to the thoughts going around in my head as soon as possible, so I jumped in the shower and gave the beast a slogging. That’s when it happened, the door opened, as we only had one toilet in the whole house and it was in the bathroom we quite often made the dash while the other was in the show, but this wasn’t my wife, this was Taylor, one of my wife’s work colleges, she rushed in the room and quickly sat on the toilet. I knew Taylor sort of okay, but not this well, she said sorry, but she was busting and Kim said I wouldn’t mind if she quickly used the toilet. Now here I was, dick in hand, almost at the vinegar stroke and trapped behind the curtain, I muttered it was okay, and waited for her to finish. For five fucking minutes she sat on the toilet, five whole minutes while my erection screamed at me to give it the relief it so wanted, but I dared not touch him in case Taylor overhead. Finally she pulled the toilet paper loose and flushed the toilet, as she did she tumbled forward and ripped the curtain down, falling into the shower with me, she reached out to stop her fall and inadvertently grabbed hold of my pulsating cock, and that was enough to push me over the edge, I exploded all over Taylor’s face and that’s when my wife stumbled in, the look on her face said it all, I mean, it looked wrong, and I knew it, she gave me the look of death and stormed back out of the room, leaving me standing there, I’ve tried to explain to her what happened, so has Taylor, but she won’t listen to a word I have to say, but you want to know the worse thing about it all, worse than my wife walking in and seeing Taylor holding onto my cock and her face covered in my cum? I really fucking enjoyed that orgasm.



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