Day 70 – Are You For Real? – Short Story

Anton didn’t have many friends, and the ones he did have he made sure knew they meant a lot to him, in some ways Spider took advantage of that, and tonight was going to be no different, it would not only force Anton into a position where he would be risking more than just a few hours, he would surly end up, risking his life.

Anton rubbed his eyes as he dragged himself out of bed towards the front door, the banging increased, “I’m fucking coming!” he yells as he stumbled in the darkness towards the door, turning on the light as he pulled it open, Spider stood there, blood running down his face and a chunk of skin missing from his chin, Anton for a second almost thought he could see bone, but he wasn’t sure.

“Brother, you’ve got to help me,” Spider says as he forces his way through the doorway and slams it behind him.

“What the fuck Spider?”


“Don’t you even fucking mention his name around here,” Anton says as he shoves Spider against the door. “What the fuck are you doing messing with him for?”

“It was easy money, a simple job, all I had to do was stand watch over some bitch for a few hours, be like a shadow, make sure nothing happened to her, that’s all man.”

“So what the fuck happened?”

“The bitch ditched me, took me two hours to find her and when I did she’d overdosed on some shit I’ve never heard of, Calvez was pissed, beat the shit out of me and then told me to run, and to make it good.”

“What? And you fucking came here?”

“It’s cool man, I was real careful, went the long way here, through the streets and shit, no one followed me,” Spider says with a smile.

“Well, what the fuck do you want me to do?”

“Just keep me off the grid for a while man, I contacted Lloyd and he is arranging me a way off the map and out of town, I swear, it’s just for a day or two, Lloyds pretty good with these things.”

“Doesn’t Lloyd work for Calvez?”

“Yeah, but he’s my bro man, he’s stand up shit.”

“Did you tell him you was coming here?”

“Course dude, he needed to know where to get me from.”

“You fucking idiot, did you really do that?”

“Anton, man, calm the fuck down, Lloyd is my man first, he won’t tell Calvez bro, trust me.”

Anton and Spider both jump as a loud knock, thumps on the door, Anton gives spider and vicious glare and clenches his teeth as another knock bangs into the door.

“We know you’re in there Spider, either you come out, or we come in, and if we come in your little friend is ours as well.”

Anton curls his lips as he shoves Spider out of the way and pulls the door open, three of Calvez goons stand in the doorway, and by the looks on their faces they didn’t expect the door to come flying open, and that is what Anton wanted, he attacks, laying several quick moves into the goon in the centre and forces him over the balcony, sending him three stories down, onto the car parks concrete base, the quickly continues his attack until he feels a sharp sting in his right side, one of the fuckers stuck him with a blade, he drives an elbow into the thugs face and drives a knee up into his face, shattering his nose. The other goon regains his momentum and grabs Anton around the throat and locks in a choker holder, as the other drives a devastating punch into his stomach, using all the energy he can muster Anton uses the thug who has hold of him as a brace and wraps his legs around the neck of the one attacking him, with a volatile twist his snaps his neck and uses the momentum to flip the one who holds him over his back, and then in two devastating chops he severs his air supply and rips back his head, snapping his neck. Spider stands there with his mouth hanging open and Anton storms into the unit, pushing him out of his way.

“Holy, fucking, shit!” Spider says.

“Shut the fuck up, a come with me you pain in the arse” Anton says as he grabs a bag from underneath his bed and throws on a jacket and storms back out the doorway.

“W-What are you doing?”

He turns and looks back at Spider, “Are you for real? You bring this sort of trouble to my home and ask me what the fuck I’m doing? Seriously?” he says as he leans in close to Spider, who cowers away. “We’re going to clean up the rest of your mess, before it gets out of hand, so grow some fucking balls and lets go kill Calvez.”



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