Lies Of A Broken World – Chapter Five – Act III

Maddox walks into the kitchen, and a girl, not much older than him sits at the table eating, the look he gets is one of disappointment.

“You came in late last night,” the girl says.

“Things happened, some guy stopped at the store last night and offered me a job,” Maddox replies.

“What sort of job?” she asks.

“He didn’t tell me a lot, but by the sounds of it, it could be exactly what I’ve always wanted.”

“What do you mean by that?” she replies. “Do you know anything?”

“Well not really, but he said he’ll give me some time to think it over, and if I want to take his offer then he’ll tell me everything I need to know.”

“Sounds like fucking crap if you ask me, maybe he was trying to crack onto you?” she says. “Did he have his hand in his pocket while he was talking to you?”

“Would you pretend to be happy for me, for fucking once?” Maddox says angrily as he thrusts the table away and gets to his feet, it’s at that moment that Maddox’s phone rings and he quickly answers it.

“Hello, Maddox have you decided on what you will do?” Hide asks on the other end of the line.

“I’ll take it, anything’s better than this,” Maddox spews forth with confidence and anger. “When do you want me to start?”

“My friend, you started last night, when you accepted my card,” Hide replies as the phone disconnects. Maddox stands there for some time, he places a hand into his pocket and feels the card, the bumps covering the card seemed strange last night, but now they feel comforting, his eyes, gazing off into nothingness.

“Who was that on the phone?”

“No one,” Maddox replies as he slowly walks back to the table.

“What the fuck is wrong with you now?” she asks, in a fluid movement, Maddox grabs a knife from the table and rips it across her throat, she sits there in shock as blood begins to spew forth from the wound, then in a desperate bid of urgency she launches herself off her seat grabbing at her throat, crashing to the ground violently. Maddox slowly gets to his feet and walks towards her, his eyes red with blood, his face twisted with anger and the knife still in his hand.




“Guys name was Jamie Mores, has a clean sheet, hardly fucking anything on it at all that would tell us he was the same guy we took down today,” Gary says as he looks over Jamie Mores file.

“Seriously this guy just got up and decided he was going to go and kill everyone he knew?” Davey asks.

“Beats the fuck out of me, but whatever happened to him turned this little pastry chef into a walking missile,” Gary replies. “The Café was his place of work, apparently yesterday he came in, did his shift as normal and left, no incidents happened, no arguments, apparently he was his normal quiet self, and then ‘BANG’ fucker killed everyone. Danny has given us the prelim toxicology report and has come across some unusual levels of a drug called proxamine-twelve in his system, it’s a white blood cell booster. According to Danny, no matter what levels of proxamine-twelve were in someone’s system, it would never affect anyone in this way, so he’s ruled that out, otherwise the guy was clean.”

“So if it wasn’t some rage drug that caused the mental breakdown, what the fuck was it?”

“Guess that’s what we’ve got to find out.”

“Okay then, I guess we should pack our bags and venture off to the magical land of OZ and see if the all-knowing wizard can help us.”

“What if we just went and had a look around his apartment first, before we go down that road.”

“Okay, that can work too.”




Maddox stands over his former partner’s now bloody body, the knife dripping her blood from its blade, “What the fuck did I do?”

“You have begun the journey,” a voice replies from behind him, Maddox spins around to face Hide.

“How the fuck did you get in here? What the fuck did you do to me?”

“I have given you your freedom Maddox, and now is the time for you to burn all that you were and become all you can be,” Hide says as he sprays a liquid into Maddox’s face, the liquid burns his eyes and renews the fire in his belly, and only one thought enters his mind ‘All life must pay now.’




“We’re not in Kansas anymore are we?” Davey asks.

“Kansas? Fuck I don’t think we’re on earth anymore, this guy definitely had problems,” Gary says as he slowly picks through all the mess of Jamie Mores living room.

“Our job would be so much easier if he wasn’t such a messy fucker.”

“Hey, you heard the same thing I did, according to most people who knew him he was a neat freak. Always had to have everything clean and then we come here, and his place is the biggest shithole you’ve ever seen, don’t you think it’s all a little strange?”

“False perceptions are always made you know that, people always make judgments on how they see someone. You know shit like, he was such a nice guy until he butchered seventeen people with the butter knife. The problem with perception is you can make people see you however you want.”

“Yeah, but for everyone to say the same thing, you normally have one or two who come out with, I never trusted the shifty fucker, and the landlord was a bit surprised about the mess, he said Jamie was his star tenant. This just seems way too out of the box, there is just something we’re missing.”

“People change.”

“But so quickly and by so much, I really think there’s more here than what we’re seeing, something happened to Jamie, something bad,” Gary says as he opens the bathroom door, more of the same mess, the sink and bath, both full of dirty water.

“Well, you might want to come see this!” Davey yells, Gary quickly makes his way into the bedroom where Davey is, and before them, on the bed, is what looks like the remains of two women, both have been skinned and left to rot.

“This is just getting fucking weirder,” Gary says. “Call in the meat wagon, tell Danny we have some new friends for him to play with.”

“On it!” Davey replies as he grabs his commline.

Gary continues to look around the apartment, coming across a whole stack of holosim games, ‘This guy was obviously a dreamer, I can never understand the reason people waste their lives away playing holosim’s.’

He notices a bag sitting on a table next to some food, as well as several receipts, he picks one up and looks it over, they are both from last night.  He peaks into the bag which contains two holosim’s from a nearby holosuite. The two locations are on a direct path towards the café from where he is standing.

“Davey, wait for Danny to arrive, and get a group of officers to help you canvas the rest of the units around here and see if anyone saw or heard anything last night. I’m going to go over to ‘Dave’s Wonderland Holosuite’ and ‘Captain Burgers’ to see if anyone can remember him coming through last night, maybe something took place along the way, or something, anything.”

“You don’t want company?”

“I’ve got this one, might be nothing, but it doesn’t hurt to go have a look.”



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