Day 71 – Elastic Orange – Short Story

“I’m telling you this is the hottest thing that is going to come out in a long time, you have to get on the ground floor or you’ll miss out!” He says excitedly.

“I don’t know, it looks a little strange and I’m not really sure there’s such a strong market pull for this sort of stuff like you seem to think, the only thing it’s got going for it is its name.”

“Bullshit, I could call it a turd and it would still make shit loads of cash,” he says as he pushes a pile of papers across the table. “Read these reviews and tell me you can’t see money.”

He places his hands of the papers and looks around the room before he looks back at him, “I’m going to be honest with you, just because I can see you’re a good kid and all, but this sort of stuff, to be honest, is not really what people I circulate with would buy, and more importantly, would be advantageous about, you’re just barking up the wrong tree,” he says as he gets to his feet.

“Please, Mister Sackmore, just have a read of the reviews, if you don’t see any way we can do business together after that then I’ll leave you alone, I swear, just please, read them?”

Kenneth Sackmore stands there for a few moments and shakes his head, “I like your eagerness kid, I really do, but it’s just not what I’m looking for, why don’t you try crowd funding the device, I’m sure you would have a lot more luck there.”

“They won’t take it, on any of the platforms,” he says as he sinks into his seat. “They say it’s too risky an item to display on their sites and suggested going private, which is why I’m here, hoping you would at least give me the chance to show you what you can make if you helped fund the build of the three thousand pre-orders we already have,” he says with a smile, Sackmore sits back down on the chair.

“Three thousand pre-orders?”

“Three thousand and counting.”

“You’re fucking bullshitting me?”

“I swear I’m not,” he pulls out his mobile phone and quickly bring up the web browser and types in a web address, then hands it to Stackmore. “Three thousand and eighty-seven as of two minutes ago.”

“What’s the retail?”

“Two hundred and sixty.”

“And the cost to build each unit?”


Stackmore picks up one of the pieces of paper and begins reading it, he looks over to him and his bottom lip quivers, “How much bullshit is in these reviews?”

“None, all legit, there are even self-help videos to show the users how to use them,” he says smiling.

“And both sexes can use the device?”

“Absolutely, it’s designed for maximum pleasure whether your man, woman or in-between, this device will always bring the user to a mind blowing orgasam, guaranteed, without fail.”

Stackmore places the paper down and runs a hand across his brow, wiping away the sweat and then extends his hand, “Okay Mister Wenttoroe, let’s bring Elastic Orange to the people.”

Wentthoroe grabs Stackmore’s hand and vigorously shakes it, “Let’s drown them in their own cum.”




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