Short Story

Day 72 – Victims – Short Story

“Don’t you understand English?” He says as he as he drives a solid right punch into Luke’s stomach, sending him crashing to the ground in pain, he looks at the boys two friends sniggers as he pulls out a butterfly knife and skillfully flicks it around for a few moments before he holds the sharp, large blade towards them and grins proudly.

“Now, you stupid little fucks, I’ll say it again just so I know we’re all on the same page, wallets, phones and other valuables, including whatever’s in your bags on the ground and you get to live,” he says as he holds out his hand. The boys quickly pull their back-packs off and throw them onto the ground and quickly empty the contents of their pockets out and nervously hold them towards him.

“Put them in one of the back-packs bright eyes,” he commands as he swing the knife around. “Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you pretty boy, empty your shit,” he says as he grabs a handful of Luke’s hair and pulls him up off the ground, one of the other boys decides to try and take the opening as an opportunity to attack, but quickly Luke has the knifes blade at his throat.

“Go on, be a hero, I dare you?” He says and the boy puts his hands in the air and backs slowly away. “I thought as much,” he says as he releases Luke and shoves him towards the other two. “Now, fuck off, or is all your shit worth dying over?” The boys help Luke to his feet and look at each other before running from the alleyway and out into the night, he lets out a laugh as he bends down and begins gathering up the bags, whistling cheerfully to himself.

“Does it make yourself feel strong, robbing children?” A voice says from a few feet in front of him, he jerks up, holding the blade out, towards the shadowed figure who stands in the alleyway.

“Where the fuck did you spring from sunshine?”

“We’re not discussing my reasons for being here, not yet anyway, we’re talking about yours, so, do you feel strong?”

He laughs, “Why, you want to give it a go? Think your some kind of crusader?” He says as he gathers the rest of the bags and stands up, facing the unknown interloper, who still hides in the darkness of the shadows.

“I just asked a simple question is all, your inability to answer it makes me think it does,” he says as he takes a step forward, the man drops the bags and thrusts the knife forward, flicking it around expertly again and readies himself for attack, like a snake ready to strike.

“Come on then hero, I’ll show you just how strong I am, but you’re not going to get to run away like those little pussy’s, you’re going to suffer,” he says through gritted teeth.

“If that’s the way we’re going to play this game,” he says as he walks out of the shadows, and smiles, revealing his pale white skin, deep black eyes and razor sharp teeth.

“What the fuck are you?” He says as he takes a step back in horror.

“Are we back to me, I guess then I should be honest with you as to why I came here tonight,” he says. “I call it, hunger!” he yells as he dives towards him as he tries to turn and run, but the stranger is on him before he can even turn, ripping into his throat and tearing out a massive chunk of flesh and bathing in the gush of blood, greedily sucking down as much as he can.




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