Lies Of A Broken World – Chapter Five – Act IV

Gary enters ‘Dave’s Wonderland Holosuite’ and walks up to the counter where a young girl is standing, she greets him with a smile.

“Hi, is there anything I can help you with?” she asks.

“Yeah I hope so, I’m Detective Inspector Gary Jackson with District-Three,” Gary replies, showing his badge. “I was wondering if you can help me out with a problem I am having, I have these two holosim’s and was wondering if you worked last night or you can put me in touch with whoever did.”

“Normally we’re not allowed to give out information on any of our customers or fellow staff members, but I guess you would be an exception.”

“That would be great,” Gary replies as he looks out the window of the shop as a car smashes through it and into the shop, sending Gary crashing into the counter. He scrambles to his feet quickly a lets out a groan of frustration, he turns to the girl behind the counter. “Are you okay?”

“I think so,” she replies.

“Get out of here and keep on running,” Gary says as he pulls his blaster out of its holster.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you?” a voice says, Gary turns to see a man standing next to the wreckage of the car. “Sorry I’m late for my shift, I had things to do, people to kill, you know how it is,” Maddox says with a smile.

“I don’t give a fuck what you do right now as long as you don’t fucking move!”

“That’s not going to happen, you see, I want to destroy all I have, and if I do that, I can have all I want.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Overkill, you see, I could’ve quit here and just left my partner and started again, but where’s the fun in that? Overkill leaves no real messy holes from my past, all it does is tightly wrap up everything, so nothing can slip out and spoil my dreams.”

‘Is the world going fucking insane?’ Gary rushes towards Maddox with his blaster trained on him. “I have no time to fuck around, so why don’t you get on the fucking ground and make this easier on both of us,” Maddox launches himself at Gary, who quickly fires several shots into Maddox’s chest, but he keeps on coming.

This cannot be happening again?’ Gary takes the full brunt of Maddox attack, and it only takes several strikes for Maddox to send Gary’s bloody and beaten body to the floor.

“How pathetic,” Maddox says as Gary slips into unconsciousness. “Now about that resignation,” he says, turning his attention to the frightened attendant.




“You’re fucking kidding me? He skinned them while they were alive?” Davey says in shock.

“No doubt about it, they were definitely alive when they were skinned, I haven’t the faintest idea what he did with the skin, but the trauma produced shows they were alive and awake when it happened,” Danny replies.

“What the fuck could make someone do something like that?”

“I’m not finished, you haven’t heard the most disturbing part,” Danny says. “We’ve got positive identifications on both victims, the one on the right was his sister and the one on the left was his ex-wife.”

“Fuck me, this guy fucking skinned his own sister, I mean I can understand the ex-wife, but his sister?” Davey says. “I’ll contact Gary and let him know.”

“Detective Sergeant, we might need you out here?” an officer calls from the courtyard outside, Davey quickly heads out of the unit and towards where the officers are standing.

“Can we make this quick,” Davey says.

“That’s a negative sir, we followed your instructions and were trying to get a time frame of the suspect’s movements, and we found this,” the officer motions for Davey to follow him into a unit, Maddox Jensen’s unit.

“Oh for crying out loud, fuck me,” Davey says as he stands over the young girls remains.




Gary comes back to reality in pain and slowly gets to his feet, coughing violently until he spits out a large wad of blood on to the ground before him, “FUCK!” He wipes the remaining saliva from his mouth and quickly scans the remains of the destroyed store, and lets out a groan of disappointment when he spots the body of the young female attendant laying a few feet away from the door. He staggers over to her body and checks her pulse, it’s all but gone and she lets out a grimace of pain, he frantically searches the surrounding area for Maddox, but there is no sign of him anywhere.

“This is Jackson, I’m in need of assistance at my current location.”

“What is the nature of your situation detective inspector?”

“I have one casualty who requires urgent assistance, and get some bodies down here because I’ve got another nut job going ballistic like the one from last night at Park Side.”

“Understood, assistance is on its way to your location, hold tight.”

Gary runs his hands through her hair, “Don’t worry you’re going to make it.”

“You know she won’t live much longer, they will never make it in time so why lie to her?” a voice says from behind him, Gary swings around and pulls out his blaster repeatedly firing at Maddox’s head, all the shots hit their target but Maddox still stands, with a smile on his face.

Gary lowers his blaster and flicks the override switch, the few moments he needs for the blaster to get to maximum charge seem like forever, the similarities to the case from earlier are astounding, but he can’t help but think that there is more of a connection here than meets the eye, and he needs to survive this so he can get the chance to solve it all and put a stop to whatever or whoever is turning these ordinary innocent victims into killing machines.

“Why do all this, what is in it for you?” Gary asks.

“This is not like your typical movie, you are not Stacy Keach in Mike Hammer, and you will not walk away with the case solved and the girl in your bed. I’ll not tell you all my reasons while you try to think of a way to stop me. I’m simply going to send you to your death, knowing nothing more than you do now,” with that Maddox dives at Gary, with the grace of someone half his size Gary manoeuvre’s himself and Maddox into position and both crash to the ground, Gary’s blaster wedged deep within Maddox’s mouth, it’s then that the blaster shrieks with a warning as it announces its charge has passed safety levels and into the danger zone. Maddox’s smiles like a crazy man spurring Gary to pull the trigger.

“Let’s see if you’ve got a cast iron stomach,” Gary says as he pulls the trigger, and the violent blast thrusts itself into Maddox’s mouth, ripping his head apart. After a few moments of silence, Gary forces Maddox’s body off him and gets to his feet, but he falls straight back to his knees, his hand shattered and ripped to pieces from the blast, he stuffs it into his jacket and forces himself back up again. He can hear the sounds of sirens getting closer and he stumbles over to the girl’s now lifeless body and collapses by her side. He stares upward as he feels his heart beating hard in his chest, he hears Davey’s voice yelling his name just before the darkness takes him.




“How the fuck do you know my name?” The girl asks the large towering figure.

“That is of no importance Kylie, what is important is that I know you long for release, I know you feel your life is not your own. You’re living up to what your parents want you to be, what your lover needs you to be, when all you really want to be is free of all of these things and live your life to your own drum. I can offer you that freedom, I can give you that escape. And all you have to do is join my employment, and I promise that tomorrow will be the first day of your new life, and all those who are in your way will simply not exist,” Hide says.

“How do I know you’re not some weirdo looking to get into my pants?”

“My dear, that is far from my intention, please take my card and think about it, tomorrow we will talk, but be quick my dear the position is only open for a short time and I would hate for you to miss your chance” Hide says as he holds out his card, Kylie stands there for a few moments before she takes the card from him.



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