Day 92 – Lick Me – Short Story

He stands there, in the darkness as the air itself sparks around his naked body with electricity, and he feels it work its way up his leg, and across his groin, circling around the shaft of his penis and the then she is on top of him, her naked, cold, pale body heaves itself on to his shaft and he feels the electricity of the moment engulf his while body, she calls his name , quietly at first and then louder and louder until it’s defending and his eyes shoot open, everyone stares at him as he sits at his desk, his hand firmly gripping his throbbing erection. He quickly releases it and blushes, Miss Mason stands there in a state of shock.

“Get out, you perverted little boy,” she screams as she points towards the door, his classmates make no sound as he quickly grabs his bag and books and runs out of the classroom, giving a quick glance towards his sister Vicky as he leaves the room. He bangs his head against the wall and waits. Miss Mason is out in the hallway a short moment later, her eyes like hot daggers stabbing at him.

“My god Aaron, what the hell is going on with you, this is the third time this week you have fallen asleep in class, and let me not even start on you, you touching yourself, there is no excuse for your behaviour!”

“Miss, please, I’ve been having trouble sleeping since we moved, I-I, can’t sleep in that house, I’m, so, so sorry for what happened.”

“Tell it to Principle Wathrope and your parents.”

“Please Miss, I swear, it won’t happen again, I pro….”

“There is no excuse, I suggest you make your way to her office now, and I’ll be along after class is dismissed.”

“Please Mi….”

“Now Aaron, I will not repeat myself again,” she says, her voice cracks with nervousness and anger all rolled into one and Aaron hangs his head and makes his way to Principle Wathrope’s office. Sally, sits at the office reception desk and looks up as Aaron walking into the office area.

“Not again?”

He nods his head in shame.

“What did you do this time?”

“I don’t think you really want to know,” he says as he sits down on one of the seats.

“I’ll let her know you’re here, she’s been a bit agitated all day I’m afraid to say.”

“Just my luck,” he mumbles, Sally knocks on Principle Wathrope’s office door and disappears inside, coming out a few moments later. “She’ll see you now,” she says with a smile, but her eyes tell him it’s a pity smile and he drags his feet behind him as he enters her office.

“How many times has it been in the past month I have seen you here before me Aaron?” She asks as she leans back in her chair.

“Thirteen times Miss.”

“Thirteen times, that’s ten more times than anyone else in the entire school, in fact, if I added up everyone else who attends this school I am sure, somehow, you would come out above their combined totals, do you think that is something you should be proud of?”

“No Miss.”

“What am I going to do with you, do you have any explanation that I could attribute to your current situation? And touching your penis in class? Really? Is that how you fit in?”

“No Miss.”

“Miss Mason wants you removed from her class, she has made, or implied that at one stage during your episode today that you mumbled her name, how am I supposed to make this go away?”

“I don’t know Miss.”

“Is this something that you will be able to get under control, or do I need to intervene?”

“Intervene Miss?”

“Yes, intervene, obviously your hormones are getting the best of you, you’re not sleeping, you’re obviously masturbating most the time, and you are drawing attention to yourself. So we have two options, one, we pull you out and remove you from the equation, or two, I attempt to reprogram your tiny brain and get you back on track,” she says.

“I’ll do whatever needs to be done to ensure this mission is not at complete waste of time, whatever it takes, for the empire.”

“Very well, agent nine-seven-twelve,” she says as she gets up from her chair and walks over to the office door, locking it and then walking back to her desk, standing in front of Aaron, she lifts up her skirt, and rips her panties away, he looks up at her and she smiles, “Lick me, lick me like you would a Ganzapian Fergalzer, make this body hum your name as it releases its juices,  let me reprogram you,” she says as she grabs the back of his head and shoves it between her legs.




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