Day 91 – Helpless – Short Story

Two red eyes pierce the darkness, he presses himself up against the aged and crumbling brick wall as a cold shiver runs down his spine and then gets lost within the warmth of his blood that slowly congeals on the ground beside him. He clutches tightly onto his side and let’s out a grimace of pain, clenching his teeth together, he feels the blood spill out of the corner of his mouth and he lets out a breathe, saliva and blood spray like a mist from his mouth, and out in the darkness, it moves closer, as it lets out an inhuman growl.

“What are you waiting for? You’ve won you piece of shit, so why don’t you come and take your prize!” he yells.

A deep, rough laugh echoes from within the darkness and a naked man steps out, into the light of the moon and smiles.

“So full of yourself Carter, do you really think you’re some sort of prize? What if I told you I’d rather you bleed out where you sit than to waste any more of my energy on someone as pathetic as you? How would you feel?”

“Bullshit, you’ve been hunting me for weeks, months, why decide now that it’s a waste of time?” he says as he forces himself up, using the wall as support, but it collapses beneath his weight and he crashes to the ground once more in a heap.

The man laughs as he disappears back into the darkness, “You are not worth my time or effort anymore, you can sit here and suffer alone, like the nothing you are, feed the animals, fore they will come soon.”

“FUCK YOU!” Carter yells as he lies on the ground, the pain in his side slowly dissipates, but he know it’s only because he’s starting to lose more and more blood, he needs to stop the flow if he has any hope of survival. He raises his head from the ground, shaking uncontrollably as he does, he lets out a gasp of pain and his head slams back to the ground as black and white flashes blind his sight and his hearing shifts in and out of focus, like a speaker with a loose wire. He feels it grab at his leg, powerful and rough, he feels pain, it tears up into his brain like a knife and he looks up and it growls at him, and his head collapses back to the ground. He stares up into the night sky, he can feel it pull at him, he can hear his flesh ripping from the bone. He swallows a mouthful of saliva and tries to clear his throat, but he only ends up choking violently on air. The thing growls again and he feels a powerful paw slam down on him and its claws dig into his flesh. He feels a tear run down his face as he grabs handfuls of grass and dirt as it rips and tears into him, and then it’s gone and he is left lying there alone, once again. He struggles to pull himself up into a sitting position, his legs a bloody mess, but pain is no longer an issue, he looks towards the darkness and sees the red eyes again and spits a mouthful of blood and saliva onto the ground.

“E-E-Enjoy that?”

“Please, I don’t take enjoyment in the suffering of my children, you know that, but, you did bring this on yourself, and your lesson is far from over my son because we’re just getting started.”



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