Day 91 – Past Tense – Short Story

She stands in front of the sink and gently runs the sponge over the cup and places it in the rack on the other side, and looks up, out the window, across the street and smiles as she feels the warmth of the sun flowing on her face. She looks back down and continues to slowly clean the remaining cutlery and plates, gently placing each one on the rack beside the sink and once more looks up and out in the street beyond her house, across the road, and into the park, and into the eyes of the unusual looking man, who is looking back at her, she feels her heart miss a beat and then increase in speed, as she stares into this mans, soulless, empty eyes. She drops the plate back into the sink and stumbles backwards, taking her eyes away from the widow for a few moments, when she looks back he is gone and she takes a step forward and peers out, through the window, towards the park, and her heart starts to get back into rhythm as she sees him nowhere in sight. She slowly moves back into place and picks up the plate again and freezes in place, looking back up to the window, standing a few feet from the window itself is the man, looking, staring, no expression on his face, no anger, no fear, no happiness, nothing, just empty, and placid, she grabs the blind and pulls it down and rushes towards the telephone next the kitchens door and screams in horror as he stands in the doorway, holding a large, hunting knife in his hand, and his bottom lip curls up.

“Quit your screaming bitch, or I’ll cut you!” he yells as she charges in and grabs her by the hair and slams she face first down onto the table. “Now this is going to be nice and simple like, you don’t have to get cut and I don’t have to be doing shit I don’t want to do? Do you understand?” he asks.

“Take what you want, please, I have nothing of any value, but whatever you want, take it, it’s your!” she screams.

“I was hoping you were going to say that, you see you might not remember me Miss Parker, but I remember you, all though high school you took me for English, never gave me the time of day though, always looking after the rich kids, not paying attention to the kids who need help.”

“Bobby Fox?” she asks.

“I ain’t Bobby fucking Fox woman, Jerry Lewis, fuck, anyway, you never paid attention to me, but I sure did pay attention to you, a lot,” he says as he grabs her by the butt cheeks. “You see, you were one of my first bank wanks, maybe my best. Last week I got out of San Reamus after doing twenty years for aggravated assault and man slaughter, and you know what, while I was in there I found god, and he showed me all the mistakes I’d made in my life and I swore, when I got out I would right all those wrongs, starting with you,” he says as he rips her dress up and pulls down her pants. “You see Miss Parker, I should have fucked you a long time ago instead of….” He words suddenly come to an abrupt end and she can hear him choking, she slowly turns around and puts a hand over her mouth in shock, there, with his ghostly hands around Jerry’s throat is her long dead husband, Roy. Eight years ago Roy was diagnosed with a brain tumour and didn’t last more than six months, but he always told her that he would always watch over her, she knew, when she saw him in the park, something was going to happen, but she thought she was just seeing things, she falls to the floor and wipes the tears from her eyes as Jerry’s lifeless body falls to the floor, she looks up to her husband and he smiles, as he disappears.



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