Day 93 – Constricted – Short Story

The lights flicker violently as he lies there silently and still, his eyes held open by wire speculum’s, a monitor beeps every few seconds as it registers a beat from his heart, but besides that, there are no other sounds in the room. We slowly bend forward, as we dive towards him, spiralling downward, zooming in closer and closer to his eyeball, the room becomes gigantic, as does the man, soon we are hurtling towards the immense, white plateau which is the sclera of his eye, we pick up pace, moving quickly, and continuing to zoom in, the ridge of the iris come into view over the horizon, and we see them, like specks at first, and then, as we get closer, we realise that they are not specks, but men, tiny, microcosmic men, fighting, on this strange, unusual world. So now, finally, our journey is complete as we arch around them in one final spiral, capturing the landscape once more before we rest our sights on the two men, they stand a few feet apart, both bloody and bruised, their journey within had been met with resistance as they fought to cure an infection within their team mate. But after all was seemly successful, true alliances were shown and the team suffered at the hands of a traitor, now, with freedom almost within his grasp, the traitor finds one of his former team mates escaped certain death, and a final show down must take place.

“We trusted you Howard, I trusted you! Why do this? Why kill everyone over a beta cell?”

“Fuck you Jesse, you and your little lap dogs could never understand the full picture, this beta cell isn’t just any cell, it’s life, it’s something new, and it’s worth more than money, it’s worth power. Now get out of my way, and give me the board back, or I’ll make sure this time you don’t get back up!”

He clenches his fists and grits his teeth, “Come and make me, because that’s the only way you’re going to get back!”

“If that’s the way it’s going to be!” he yells as he charges towards him, they meet in a fury of fists, left and rights, Howard drives a powerful uppercut into Jesse’s jaw, sending him sprawling on the ground, and takes control as he launches himself at Jesse, as he tries to shake off the hit he sees Howard’s advance and brings his knees up between them and forces him away, then groggily gets to his feet. Howard charges again, delivering a solid right hook into Jesse’s side, he winds him for a moment, then drives another into his left side, he feels everything splintering away, as his vision is engulfed by black and white spots, he feels another punch crash into his stomach and another to the right side of his head, and then the ground crashing into the left side of his head, as he hits it.

“I told you how it would end,” Howard says with a wry smile, suddenly the landscape shifts upright and Howard crashes to the ground. “Fuck, not yet, don’t you fucking wake up now!” he screams as the man on the table pulls the speculum free and rubs his eye vigorously, and then the eyelid slides down quickly, but for Howard, it’s like a lifetime, as he sees the eyelid ripping towards him, it’s then that Jesse makes his move and grabs Howard by the hair and slams his head into his knee, three times before sending him reeling backwards, a sea of blood trailing behind him. He looks wearily up through one eye, his other swollen and bloody, watching as the eyelid tears down towards him and he stumbles to Howard’s side and grabs the small canister from his backpack before pressing the button on the board, it lets out a redundant low buzz, he looks at the board frantically and slams the button twice more as the eyelid hits.



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