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Day 94 – Sooner Or Later – Short Story

He looks around the room nervously as he grips tightly to the hammer, sucking a deep breath in he takes a small step forward and glances feverously over his shoulder, she nods to him in confidence, he can see in her eyes that she’s scared but she’s putting on a brave face to make him feel better, she squeezes his hand and he looks back ahead and takes another small step, the pain from the gash in his leg rips through him and he takes another deep breath and he feels a wave of nausea wash over him, and his knees weaken for a moment, he feels his eyes begin to roll up in head. She grips his hand harder and he snaps back into the moment and takes another step forward again.

“I’m okay,” he says softly.

“I know,” she replies as they slowly work their way across the room until the reach the doorway, he looks at her as he slowly places his hand on the knob.

“When I open this, we run, we don’t stop, we don’t think, we just run, no matter what happens, just run.”

“What about Bobby, we have to find Bobby,” she says frantically.

“If we’re dead we can’t help him, we’ve got to get to his dad, we have to tell him everything, we have to tell him what really happened.”

“Stu, we, w-we can’t, then they’ll know it’s all our fault, we can’t, let’s just find Bobby and get out of here!”

“Donna, we run, we get the fuck out of here and we tell Sanders everything, we have to make this right.”

A laugh echoes through the warehouse, “You lost that chance, you played your card now deal with it!” a voice says from the darkness.

“There has to be another way!” she yells, the voice laughs again.

“Fuck you, this isn’t our fault, we didn’t know!” Stu yells.

“Play times over.” The voice hisses in the darkness, Stu looks at Donna and tightens his grip on her hand and she reluctantly nods her head as he grips the handle and pulls the door open and they both rush out of the doorway, he tries to fight the agony, the pain in his leg but it gets the best of him and he crashes into the ground in heap.

“RUN! Don’t stop!”

“I can’t!” She screams.


She turns and runs across the abandoned car park, toward the road as an arrow tears into the side of her skull, killing her instantly, her lifeless body crashes to the ground and he screams as the hooded figure walks out of the shadows and places a boot on her skull as he pulls the arrow free, while he lies in a heap on the ground, tears running down his face.

“Why?” he screams out. “Why?” he yells again, the figure strides toward him and grabs a hand full of hair and pulls him up to his knees, pressing a large hunting knife to his throat.

“Because you all have to die,” he says as he rips the blade across his throat, he kneels there, chocking, gasping for air as he still holds him firmly by the hair, his blood spews out violently out of the tear until his heart stops pumping and he lets him drop to the ground, from behind a metal pipe strikes the back of his head and he crashes to the ground as a boy drives the pipe down viciously several more times, until he collapses on his knees, tears streaming down his face, he can hear the sirens from the police cars approaching and looks over at Stu’s body as the red and blue lights close in on him. Officers jump from their cars, drawing their guns quickly and Detective Davey Sanders rushes to the boys side gripping him tightly, the cut above his left eye tapped and stitched.
“It’s okay Bobby, it’s over, it’s over.” He says as he cradles his son, the other officers quickly check over the bodies, he lurches up and drives the blade into Fitzpatrick as Sanders unloads his clip into his dead centre, and he flops to the ground again, starring up into the cold, night sky, as his blood runs into the drain, along with his victims, merging together as all things do, in death.



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