Day 94 – Windows – YouChallenge Short Story

Steve throws his jacket onto the back of the chair and gently closes the door, locking it as he does, and then confidently strides over to the window and opens the blinds, looking out over the dark city. He smiles broadly and undoes his belt as he settles down in his seat and opens the laptop that sits on his desk, quickly bringing up a web browsers. He looks around like a child who is about to do something naughty and that’s when he catches a glimpse of a figure, moving quickly out of view in window of the building across the street. For the next five or more minutes he searches the floors of the building, looking for any movement, but the office block looks to be completely deserted and silent, so he turns back to his laptop and unzips his fly, a website flashes up on the screen, littered with naked women and men, engaged in various sexual activities, he wiggles his trousers down and grabs hold of his hardening member, and then freezes in place, as he feels eyes staring at him, and once again he looks out, across the street into the building opposite, he sees the man standing in the window staring back at him, and he turns around quickly and closes the laptop and tries to shuffle his pants back up as his phone rings, making him jump in fright, he grabs the phone off the desk and answers it nervously.

“H-H-Hello, this is Charles.”

“Hello Charles,” the voice on the other end says.

“Can I help you?”

“I’m not sure, you look like the one who needs the hand, so to speak.”

“I’m sorry? Who is this?”

“Just a neighbour who noticed someone in need of assistance is all I am, unless you saw something else, and then were going to have some sort of problem I think.”


“Look out the window Charles!” the voice orders, Charles nervously turns back to the window to see the man waving towards him.

“See me now.”

“How did you get this number?”

“Wasn’t hard tubby, just as it wouldn’t be too hard to come over there and rip your stomach open and force feed you your intestines several times over until you choke on them!”

“I-I-I-I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Charles screams as he slams the phone down, he looks back out the window and the man is gone, he lets out an exhausted sign of relief as he sinks back into his chair, and for the next few minutes he just sits there, calming himself, relaxing. Before his mind begins to drift and he suddenly wonders why the man disappeared for the window, and then he realises, then the threat of feeding him his own intestines causes him to leap from his seat and rush to towards the door, he pulls it open as the knife blade tears into his stomach, he screams in pain as he crashes to the floor. Through the tears and the pain he can see the man’s blurred image standing a few feet away from him and he reaches out. “W-W-W-why?” He finally manages to ask.

“Because, sometimes you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that is you all over fat boy, anyway, enough small talk, its dinner time!”



The challenge was, ‘a man looks out his corner office window.’

3 Replies to “Day 94 – Windows – YouChallenge Short Story”

  1. These are all extremely dark and well written. Perfect. Just perfect. You’re really a fantastic writer, combining the sadistic and the humorous in a really enjoyable way. “You look like the one who could use a hand, so to speak” lol


    1. Thanks again, sometimes the gutter calls to me as a story progresses and I do not ignore it’s call, and of course without much of an edit time, the stories end up more raw and, what I think, more real, not overworked, pulled at and cleaned up. They are what they are meant to be and nothing else.

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