Day 95 – Private Session – Black Label Short Story

She places her phone on the table and stretches her arms in the air and lets out a long, drawn out yawn, before pulling the blanket off from around her legs and walks over to the small bench that makes up the better part of her kitchen and picks up a strawberry from a plate and stuffs it in her mouth. She grabs the plate and quickly settles herself back down on the couch, opening up her laptop that sits on the table. She types in an address in the browser and waits for a few moments as the site come up before she logs into the live cams website and sits back, having another strawberry from the plate as she waits. Which isn’t very long, as an icon at the top of the screen flashes, and she leans in and smiles.

‘You’re back :)’ comes up on the screen.

“I told you I would be,” she says with a smile…

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