Day 135 – Take Me – Black Label Short Story

“I’m sorry, I suck at this,” he says as he pulls his trousers up and quickly sits back down, she smiles and jumps on his lap, giving him a kiss on the nose.

“You’re silly, have I told you that today?”

“Once or twice,” he replies as his cheeks go red.

“Well, make it three times,” she says as she grabs his hand and shoves it up her jumper, his hand shakes and she kisses him on the nose again. “Grab hold of my boob or so help me, I’ll pull you pants down again,” she says with a giggle, he lightly places his hand over her breast, and he can feel her nipple hardens underneath his palm, and he pulls it back, she grabs his hand again and she shoves it back onto her breast, firmly this time. “That means I like it, like when your guy down there goes hard when you look at all your porn mags.”

He blushes again, and pulls his hand away, “Stop it,” he says as he pushes her off his lap and stands, she giggles.

“Your hard now,” she says as she grabs the top of his jeans as rips them down, along with his pants, he quickly covers himself and pushes her away, but she gets to her feet and tackles him to the bed, he tries to wriggle his way out of her hold but she drives a knee into his arm and pins him to the bed and quickly puts her mouth over his hard member and he lets out a groan and explodes in her mouth, she keeps bobbing her head up and down and he wriggles and twists and turns and then screams out again and empties another load in her mouth, and she pulls away, giggling as she wipes her mouth and he lays there, staring at the ceiling, as another quiver of ecstasy runs through his body.

“It’s never felt like that before,” he says through gasps.

“Good or bad?”

“Amazingly good,” he says with a laugh.

“See, I told you that was going to be way better than your hand,” she says proudly.

“It was like, I can’t explain it, I think for a moment I felt my brain actually move.”

“It got me wet, which brings me to our next lesson,” she says with a smile as she lifts her skirt. “You ever just licked an all days sucker?”

“What do you mean?” he says as he forces himself up on his elbows.

“I mean, have you ever just licked one, and not took a bite?”

“I guess so, I don’t really know, but what’s that got to do with this?”

“Everything honey, because if you bite it, I’m going to punch you in the balls,” she says with a giggle as she straddles his face. “Now you want to work your way around the entrance and up, around the inner flaps, until you find my clitoris, and once you have me nice an…” she lets out a gasp. “Well, honey, you’re a fast learn….. Oh honey,” she says as she closes her eyes, and curls up her bottom lip, and bites down on it.



Day 133 – Excuses – Black Label Short Story

He grips her hair, pulling it back, and begins to lick his way up her chest, along her neck and over her chin, coming to a to stop at her mouth and she swallows him. They twist and turn together in their nakedness, each meeting the others thrust, as they become more like a living, breathing machine than two separate bodies. She lets out a gasp of pleasure and he thrusts harder and twists her down onto the bed, pulling himself from within her and quickly burying his face in her crotch, she grabs his head, grabbing a handful of hair and pushes him down deeper, she arches her back, letting out another gasp. He picks up his pace as she squirms and moans, more and more, her breathing begins to quicken, her body tenses, her eyes shut tight, and she bites into her bottom lip.

“Now!” She says, quickly he moves up, along her body, they kiss as he penetrates her again, rubbing her clit with his fingers as he thrusts his hard, blood engorged member back and forth within her. She digs her finger nails into his back, ripping them down as she quivers with anticipation, frantically matching his thrust, until she lets out a satisfied cry. He thrusts harder, faster, until he too joins her in orgasm, they both let loose with cries of exhilaration and ecstasy, as they both collapse, exhausted and spent, on top of each other. For a few moments all they can do is breath, both still coming down, until finally, she breaks the silence, grabbing him by the hair and pulling his head up, to face her, so she can stare into his pale blue eyes.

“What the hell was that?”


“That? How in the fucking hell didn’t I know you could do that?”

“You never asked,” he says with a smile.

“Yeah, but I was good friends with Gloria and Louise, and all the rest of your floozies. None of them have ever said you were this good.”

“Maybe they didn’t kiss and tell,” he says with a laugh.

“Believe me, they all kiss and tell, all of them, but whenever it came to you, they would never say anything like this, they’d just brush it off and change the subject like you were shit or something, so what gives?”

“Maybe they were worried you’d try to move in on me.”

“What? I doubt it, you and me, there’s never been anything, well not until now that is. But before, we’ve only ever been mates, real good mates, but only mates, not this,” she says as she plays with his earlobe.

“Maybe they saw something that we didn’t?”

She sits there for a few moment and runs her hand through his hair and smiles as she lies back down on the bed, “Maybe,” she says as he slowly moves a hand down her stomach, towards her groin. “Really? Round two already?”

“There’s no sense in waiting around, is there?”

“I thought you needed to cram for your interview tomorrow, wasn’t that why you came over in the first place?”

“I can cram later, something else has come up,” he says with a smile as he goes down on her again.

“Well then, there’s no sense at all, is there?” she says as she pulls the sheets over their heads.



Day 95 – Private Session – Black Label Short Story

She places her phone on the table and stretches her arms in the air and lets out a long, drawn out yawn, before pulling the blanket off from around her legs and walks over to the small bench that makes up the better part of her kitchen and picks up a strawberry from a plate and stuffs it in her mouth. She grabs the plate and quickly settles herself back down on the couch, opening up her laptop that sits on the table. She types in an address in the browser and waits for a few moments as the site come up before she logs into the live cams website and sits back, having another strawberry from the plate as she waits. Which isn’t very long, as an icon at the top of the screen flashes, and she leans in and smiles.

‘You’re back :)’ comes up on the screen.

“I told you I would be,” she says with a smile.

‘I’ve been waiting for you’

“I hope not too long, I know how you can get if you wait too long,” she says with a giggle.

‘I don’t mind waiting for you, you are the highlight of my day’

“You’re the highlight of mine,” she says with a smile. “So, do you wanna play?”

‘Isn’t that why we’re both here?’

“Well, lover boy, you know what to do?” she says, pointing a finger down towards the private session button on the screen.

‘Way ahead of you’ the screen shifts from a plain border to that of a golden one.

“Oh honey, you know what I like, do you want the girls out? They’ve missed you,” she says as she sticks one of her fingers in her mouth and sucks on it.

‘I’ve missed them two, I’m already hard thinking about them’

“Well get him out, because he’s about to have some fun,” she says as she pulls off her top, exposing her breasts, she squeezes them together, grabbing one of her breasts in her hand, she pulls it towards her face and licks the nipple. “See, they missed you,” she says as she lightly bites on the nipple and flicks it with her tongue.

‘Honey he’s out, your pants, show me everything’

“Oh lover, you know what to say,” she says as she jumps up and rips her panties off before sitting back on the couch, spreading her legs, so he can get a good view. “I shaved just for you,” she says as she runs her fingers gently around her opening.

‘Stick a finger in honey, do it for me, close your eyes and think it’s my cock, let me cum inside you’

“Oh yeah lover, put it in me,” she says as she slips a finger inside, letting out a moan as she begins rubbing herself. “Can you feel it? Can you feel how wet I am?”

‘You’re so wet honey, I’m so close, keep rubbing it, I want you to cum with me’

“Oh baby, you know what I like, harder, do it to me harder!”

‘That’s it, you’re almost there, I can feel it, can you feel me? I’m so hard, so close’

“I can, it’s so hard, I can feel it throbbing, oh god honey, I’m going to explode!” she screams.

‘I want you on top of me now, I want us to cum together’

She leaps up from the couch and runs into the bedroom, and leaps onto the bed where he lies and quickly mounts him.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming, oh BABY!” she yells as she lets out a scream, he begins thrusts himself harder and faster into her several more times before he lets out a scream as well and she collapses on top of him, shaking on top of him, for a few moments they lie there, hearts beating as one, racing, sweat pouring down their bodies, as she lifts her head up and kisses him on the nose.

“And that’s why you’re my favourite,” she says with a giggle.