Day 133 – Excuses – Black Label Short Story

He grips her hair, pulling it back, and begins to lick his way up her chest, along her neck and over her chin, coming to a to stop at her mouth and she swallows him. They twist and turn together in their nakedness, each meeting the others thrust, as they become more like a living, breathing machine than two separate bodies. She lets out a gasp of pleasure and he thrusts harder and twists her down onto the bed, pulling himself from within her and quickly burying his face in her crotch, she grabs his head, grabbing a handful of hair and pushes him down deeper, she arches her back, letting out another gasp. He picks up his pace as she squirms and moans, more and more, her breathing begins to quicken, her body tenses, her eyes shut tight, and she bites into her bottom lip.

“Now!” She says, quickly he moves up, along her body, they kiss as he penetrates her again, rubbing her clit with his fingers as he thrusts his hard, blood engorged member back and forth within her. She digs her finger nails into his back, ripping them down as she quivers with anticipation, frantically matching his thrust, until she lets out a satisfied cry. He thrusts harder, faster, until he too joins her in orgasm, they both let loose with cries of exhilaration and ecstasy, as they both collapse, exhausted and spent, on top of each other. For a few moments all they can do is breath, both still coming down, until finally, she breaks the silence, grabbing him by the hair and pulling his head up, to face her, so she can stare into his pale blue eyes.

“What the hell was that?”


“That? How in the fucking hell didn’t I know you could do that?”

“You never asked,” he says with a smile.

“Yeah, but I was good friends with Gloria and Louise, and all the rest of your floozies. None of them have ever said you were this good.”

“Maybe they didn’t kiss and tell,” he says with a laugh.

“Believe me, they all kiss and tell, all of them, but whenever it came to you, they would never say anything like this, they’d just brush it off and change the subject like you were shit or something, so what gives?”

“Maybe they were worried you’d try to move in on me.”

“What? I doubt it, you and me, there’s never been anything, well not until now that is. But before, we’ve only ever been mates, real good mates, but only mates, not this,” she says as she plays with his earlobe.

“Maybe they saw something that we didn’t?”

She sits there for a few moment and runs her hand through his hair and smiles as she lies back down on the bed, “Maybe,” she says as he slowly moves a hand down her stomach, towards her groin. “Really? Round two already?”

“There’s no sense in waiting around, is there?”

“I thought you needed to cram for your interview tomorrow, wasn’t that why you came over in the first place?”

“I can cram later, something else has come up,” he says with a smile as he goes down on her again.

“Well then, there’s no sense at all, is there?” she says as she pulls the sheets over their heads.



15 Replies to “Day 133 – Excuses – Black Label Short Story”

      1. I’ve read part A & B of Chapter 1, have ear marked Chapter 2 A when I have a moment, I liked the relaxed way it seemed to flow as if the dialogue was taking place naturally in front of you.


      2. It’s all in the dialogue more often than not, you can set the scene as strong as can be, but if your dialogue looses it, so does everything else. You succeed in keeping the dialogue flowing.


      1. Maybe, but, if you believe your phone line is tapped, your text messages are read and you’re constantly under surveillance, you could possibly be paranoid, and I could just agree with you because I KNOW THEY’RE WATCHING?!…

        Liked by 1 person

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