Day 135 – Take Me – Black Label Short Story

“I’m sorry, I suck at this,” he says as he pulls his trousers up and quickly sits back down, she smiles and jumps on his lap, giving him a kiss on the nose.

“You’re silly, have I told you that today?”

“Once or twice,” he replies as his cheeks go red.

“Well, make it three times,” she says as she grabs his hand and shoves it up her jumper, his hand shakes and she kisses him on the nose again. “Grab hold of my boob or so help me, I’ll pull you pants down again,” she says with a giggle, he lightly places his hand over her breast, and he can feel her nipple hardens underneath his palm, and he pulls it back, she grabs his hand again and she shoves it back onto her breast, firmly this time. “That means I like it, like when your guy down there goes hard when you look at all your porn mags.”

He blushes again, and pulls his hand away, “Stop it,” he says as he pushes her off his lap and stands, she giggles.

“Your hard now,” she says as she grabs the top of his jeans as rips them down, along with his pants, he quickly covers himself and pushes her away, but she gets to her feet and tackles him to the bed, he tries to wriggle his way out of her hold but she drives a knee into his arm and pins him to the bed and quickly puts her mouth over his hard member and he lets out a groan and explodes in her mouth, she keeps bobbing her head up and down and he wriggles and twists and turns and then screams out again and empties another load in her mouth, and she pulls away, giggling as she wipes her mouth and he lays there, staring at the ceiling, as another quiver of ecstasy runs through his body.

“It’s never felt like that before,” he says through gasps.

“Good or bad?”

“Amazingly good,” he says with a laugh.

“See, I told you that was going to be way better than your hand,” she says proudly.

“It was like, I can’t explain it, I think for a moment I felt my brain actually move.”

“It got me wet, which brings me to our next lesson,” she says with a smile as she lifts her skirt. “You ever just licked an all days sucker?”

“What do you mean?” he says as he forces himself up on his elbows.

“I mean, have you ever just licked one, and not took a bite?”

“I guess so, I don’t really know, but what’s that got to do with this?”

“Everything honey, because if you bite it, I’m going to punch you in the balls,” she says with a giggle as she straddles his face. “Now you want to work your way around the entrance and up, around the inner flaps, until you find my clitoris, and once you have me nice an…” she lets out a gasp. “Well, honey, you’re a fast learn….. Oh honey,” she says as she closes her eyes, and curls up her bottom lip, and bites down on it.



2 Replies to “Day 135 – Take Me – Black Label Short Story”

  1. I enjoyed this one as well. I love how you versatile you are with the stories you tell. You never know what you are going to be reading until you read it. I like that.

    There are plenty of souls who write where you have a fair idea of what the story is going to contain and be about but I always like reading your work because you just never know what the story will be until you read…

    If that makes sense.

    Keep it up.

    Cheers! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

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