Day 98 – Resistance – Short Story

“I do this because I love you, you know that don’t you?” He says softly into her ear.

“Don’t try and justify this, you purveyed piece of shit,” she says, he laughs and leans away.

“Don’t be like that, we have something special, can’t you see that, can’t you feel it?”

“The only thing I feel for you is something a lot more primitive than love,” she says as she lunges forward, but the chains around her arms pull her back, he laughs again.

“Remember how we first met?” He says as he looks out the window, into the night sky. “Remember how happy we made each other?”

“That was a long time ago, you turned out to be someone different, like all the rest, a liar, a thief and worse of all, someone who I can’t trust!”

He laughs, “Venom in those words, I’d be hurt if I knew that’s how you really felt.”

She spits at him, and lunges again, screaming and growling, “Fuck you, why don’t you just get it all over and done with instead of dragging it out, you’re a sadistic fucking piece of shit!”

“Calm it down sweetheart, we’ve got all night, so you just stop worrying your pretty head, because I’m going to take real good care of you,” he says picking up a large bone handled blade from a small table and takes a seat on a stool that sits a few feet from her. He looks out at the night sky again, letting out a sigh of thoughtfulness, not frustration, and turns back to her, she sits huddled in the corner, soaking into the darkness, letting out a low, deep, growl.

“Let me out!” she screams.

“Ain’t going to happen, not in this life time honey,” he says as he places an apple on his knee and begins peeling off the skin with the knife, he slice a piece of apple off and holds it out towards her, she growls again, deeper this time. “I’ll take that as a no, but you don’t know what you’re missing, these are Mrs Watson’s prize winning apples honey, best in the county.”

“I’d rather rip into your flesh,” she screams as she lunges again, coming out of the shadows, her hands elongated and clawed, her teeth pointy and many and her body covered in a thick, grey hair. He topples backwards in surprise, and tumbles off his seat, crashing to the ground as she screams and growls, desperately trying to reach him, but the chains hold her back. He scrambles to his feet and lets out a groan as he looks down at his side, the knife sticks out, wedged deep into his chest, and stuck between two of his ribs, he breaks out into a cold sweat and he feels the blood rushing down his side, he looks over to her, she sits there, looking at him, still growling that low, deep growl. He tries to pull the knife free but its well and truly stuck, he begins to feel faint and topples to his knees, as he hits the floor he catches sight of the wolf breaking free of her chains and leaping towards him.



19 Replies to “Day 98 – Resistance – Short Story”

    1. Thanks so much, I find I really get lost in the dialogue and end up just sitting in front of the computer talking to myself, playing out the scene and really enjoying the back and forth. I know most of my subject matter is a bit dark, and the language is rough, but it’s who people are, emotions get lifted, words spill out, and for the few moments we spend with the characters in my stories I want you to see them, feel them, and get lost in their words.


      1. Thanks so much, what you do, fitting so much in so little, the words you use, but the space between that allows the feeling to be questioned, and then felt, is a hard thing to do, and you hit it so well, I loved ink.


      2. Awesome, I look forward to more, it’s a talent to do what you do, that’s why I followed you. I can’t count the amount of coffee that’s gone into my writing, I tried 🙂


      1. Or it could be, the wolf breaking free of its chains and leaping towards him, he feels it’s teeth tear into his flesh as the darkness devours him… The end, can be what you want, or, what you don’t 👍

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lol…. You have such a great imagination… I’m heading to bed, but look forward to reading more tomorrow! Take care Matthew… I’m glad you found me on here. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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